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thoughts on symbolism/imagery (spoilers)

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    There has to be something behind the visual motifs that fill this show. Talk of eyes, souls, streams and trees, coffee, pie, owls and stoplights, dreams, fire, magic and music...what do you think it all means?
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    Something to be said for a lot of imagery used throughout the entire season.

    It's my opinion though, that due to the changing of writers and directors and the improvised nature of the show that the same symbolism and imagery could possibly mean different things at different times.

    To me I think the inherent symbolism would reflect usually only what is known by the viewer up till that point of the show.

    [Hmmm... does that make any sense? Oh, that's right we're talkang about Twin Peaks so...]

    I could give you my interpretation of any of the scenes which use this symbolism and imagery but you would need to be more specific.

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