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Twin Peaks Good/Bad?

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    Twin Peaks was probably the best show ever made. It managed to find a way to balance almost every genre possible into one series and it's had a significant effect on television since (on shows such as X files, 24,and Lost). One thing that Twin Peaks does require though, is patience. Some people watch a little and just can't take it. They say it's too weird for them or it's not obvious enough. So, you could also say it's an acquired taste. However, if you have an open mind, then I highly recommend it. What originally got me into TP was the brilliantly trippy Black Lodge scenes. I've never seen anything like it. I was instantly fascinated and eventually watched the entire series when I found it on youtube. However, a lot of people simply dismiss those scenes as stupid. Again, it's an acquired taste.

    X Files was definetely inspired by it, but not as good as TP. X Files was inspired by its mythology but it often tried to hide itself as a "safe" procedural-esque monster of the week type show (much like Smallville) in order not to chase off viewers.

    Admittedly, TP does fall off in season 2 once the Laura Palmer storyline is solved but (again, if you're patient) it only falls off for a few episodes and then it quickly rebounds back to where it was before into a fantastic finish with a great villian in Windom Earle and a new love interest.

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    Just Started Season 2 for the first time (just finished season 1), decided to watch it after seeing the dual spires episode on Psych.

    I have been meaning to watch it for years, but SciFi is my usual interest and since I have finally completed all my prerequisite shows I am expanding my horizons. (I have seen every stargate episode more than once, except Universe, I only watched that series once, did not buy the DVDs, finally saw BSG and was not a fan of that show either, although SGU was getting more interesting when it was cancelled...)

    I must say, when this comes out on BR I am going to pick it up. I do not have a BR player yet, (most of my favorite shows are not in HD, or if they are I bought them online and don't need a BR player)

    Apart from the awesome music (which actually made me upgrade my audio playback from a crappy pair of LCD TV speakers to my old onkyo receiver with polk monitor 40 bookshelf speakers, the great story and former acid users twisted outlook on life.... the thing I really like most about the series NOW, is the return to real American television.

    Guess I am just a fan people acting overall decent too each other and attractive women with pale skin and too much eyeliner. Hmm, maybe that is why I watch mostly Canadian TV now lol.

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