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What the heck? ... Warning, *spoilers abound*

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    If you didn't get the message from the thread title... Ye be warn'd. Thar be spoilers here, matey! If you don't want to know, click your back button now.

    1) The white horse.

    In the episode in which Leland is revealed to be the murderer/Bob's host, we see a white horse possibly linked to Mrs. Palmer's drugged state. In the movie FWWM we see similar symbology. So, to my question... Is there some pop culture or historical reference the white horse is related to, or is it pure David Lynch?

    2) The Owls

    All through the series we see lot's-o-owls. Do they mean anything? Are they just mysterious all seeing entities hooting out their warnings or is it something more? I remember the one armed man saying that they lived above a convenience store watching people... was that supposed to mean that he was at one time looking from an owl's perspective?

    3) Mike and Bob = Mike and Bobby?

    From the beginning I was expecting the teenaged Mike to grow up into the the one armed Mike and the teenaged Bobby to grow up into the infamous Bob. Was this just a red haring, or did the show just not have enough time to develop and reveal these secrets? ... or did I miss the point entirely?

    4) Shaking Hands

    Okay, I know. I've read too many posts about this already for it to still be a question, but I still want to bring it up. What the heck did the shaking hands mean? I have similar wonderings about Gordon Cole being able to hear only Shelly clearly. Not really important to the story but... huh?

    5) Lucy, Andy, Baby?

    Did we ever learn who was the "real" father of Lucy's baby? Was it just a bit of drama/comedy relief?

    6) What happened to Major Briggs?

    Maybe I was too ... umm ... under the influence ... to catch this, but what happened to Major Briggs after he disappeared?

    7) Am I trying to see too deeply?

    Was I supposed to just enjoy it for what it was, or was I supposed to try to look deeper? I admit, I'm one who tries to look beyond the surface and usually ends up with egg on my face. Sometime I think I should just accept things as they appear, but... my brain just doesn't work that way. Am I trying to over-analyse things?

    That's it for now. Thanks for reading and, if you care to take the time, thanks for your answers/opinions.
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    1 the white horse in mentioned in the book of Revelations from the Christians bible. I will let you research what that means on your own but more than that its probably like most things in the series pure Lynch.

    2 the woods are constantly being mentioned on the show as a place of mystical wonderment and that would make the owls the watchers over the mystical wonderment, although there is probably more to it than that.

    3 purely red herring, in my opinion.

    4 strange things happen in twin peaks and i think these are just examples of it.

    5 one of the things chocked up to the creators didn't have plans post reveal and they were trying to find their way to the next story. Like Nadine the cheerleader and the Black Widow and the truly gawdawful James and the married woman.

    6 Briggs was taken by what he believes was aliens and he was brought back. A combination of 4 and 5. Strange things happen in Twin Peaks and they were trying desperately to find a new story before getting to the Earle storyline.

    7 yes and no. There is definitely something to the show and its mythology despite the floundering during the middle of season 2. But like all things Lynchian what everything means is purposely open to interpretation. You should always look under the surface, thats where the best things are.

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