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  • In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary thing

    To be clear and concise, this was literally the worst show I've ever seen. The show tried so hard to hint at deep and hidden meanings, as if there was some profound point to it all. At the end of the day, it was just a really, really bad show that was poorly written and poorly structured. Do ALL the things! Use ALL the plots! Have ALL character types! Ask ALL the questions..... Answer none of them.

    ^ Seriously? That's what people are considering genius and No, this was a show clearly written entirely for the abstract art aficionado, who will gladly rave about it. The rest of us are wondering what must be in the water.
  • Twin Peaks .... brilliant?? Really??

    Maybe I am the only person in the whole world that feels this way but I found Twin Peaks to be the most contrived TV series ever done. It seems as if for every episode the writers forgot to prepare and scribbled something quickly the night before. I know they attempted to do something outside the box but it made no sense. In some cases the acting was even a bit overdone and painful to watch. Why is it called one of the best series of all time, I will never know. Is it a case of the emperor's new clothes???? I found the best part of this series was the pilot. it had some potential, but it went all downhill from there. It's only because of the pilot that I give this show a 3 rating instead of a 1.
  • Well, some may say Twin Peaks was OK, but actually it was just a waste of my time. Everything was pretty much predictable and I also coudn't stand the thought that NOONE is innocent in the town of Twin Peaks!

    I really enjoyed the first few episodes of the series, actually the whole first season was just fine. It was a very origial plot, also very unique was that one day equaled one episode, but then at the beginning of the second season the producers started to complicate things so much, I just didn't know who to like and who to dislike in the show. Everyone was guilty of something. The episodes became disordered, boring, sometimes the producers even filled the episode with some stupid song played by one of the characters. And what a playback that was, hands on guitar or on piano moved so wrong and the vocals were completely different then before...and those dreamy fantasies about the Giant, please, how lame was that?
    Anyhow, Twin Peaks had potential, but it wasn't used. got cancelled one season too late.
  • What happened in the 2nd season??

    To tell you the truth I am only halfway through season 2, but I have to say it is "numbing my buns" ... there were intriguing characters, storylines, mysteries throughout season 1. As soon as an episode ended I had already clicked on the next one. (Actually to be honest, I watched half of the first episode after hearing so much hype and then dumped it for about 5 months.) But when I picked it up again it was marvelous, I could really understand what people liked about it. The Palmer mystery was creepy and hooking, and then halfway through season 2 - BAM, town moves on. I get that the investigation the way it was going wouldn't have and shouldn't have lasted that long. I'm glad it ended when it did, but that should have been the culmination of the series. Twin Peaks was about Laura Palmer. when she's through, the show should be through. This isn't the O.C., it's not the chronicle of a town, it's the chronicle of a murder investigation. That's the way these types of shows are supposed to be. As soon as that era died it even seemed like the characters transformed to suit this new storyline. Audrey Horne was inserted just because she had a contract. My favorite characters were boring.

    The '5' rating is for the first half, which was perfect. The other '5' disappeared with the quality of season 2.
  • What happened?

    Don't get me wrong I love the show, it's one of the few TV shows I like; and the first season was amazing. But then around season 2, things went down hill. With that I'm not really angry, but more sad. Sad that a show that had so much potential have this happen. But at least it had gained a cult following.
  • What happens in the end?????

    So I am confused. what happens in the end? is the soul of the killer in the body of cooper? and from now on he keeps killing people??
  • "Twin Peaks" is one of the most imaginative, surreal, mysterious and bizarre shows ever on network television.

    "Twin Peaks" is one of the most imaginative, surreal, mysterious and bizarre shows ever on network television. Created by iconic filmmaker David Lynch (Eraserhead/Lost Highway) and TV producer/writer Mark Frost (Hill Street Blues), the story takes place in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington. It is the incredible tale of the brutal death of the popular homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), and its investigation lead by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and town Sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean), told in three different acts.

    The fantastic first act is the first season, consisting of the pilot and the first seven episodes, that has the perfect harmony of mystery, humor and down right strangeness! (5 stars). Its popularity made it the most watched show that season, and a Emmy nomination for Best TV Drama, and a Golden Globe win for Best TV Drama.

    The second act is the first half of the 22 episodes of the second season, and where the magic slowly starts to unravel (4 stars). The main storyline concerning the murder of Laura Palmer starts spinning it's wheels and going nowhere, until it is abruptly concluded by the strong urging of the studio heads at ABC because of declining ratings at the mid-season mark. Of course, this was a stupid and detrimental move that spelled the ultimate death of the show.

    Once the Laura Palmer storyline was solved and the third act begins (the second half of season two) (3 1/2 stars), the show never really finds a purpose. The Cooper/Windom Earle storyline is decent, but the the kids storyline just keeps bringing the show down (James being framed for murder by a seductress). By this time, most casual fans of the show didn't care anymore and "Twin Peaks" was eventually canceled after the second season, leaving a cliffhanger that probably will never be answered, and debated by fans for all time.

    A feature film was produced a year later, "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me". The movie never answered any questions, and told the story of the last seven days of Laura Palmer's life, and the similar murder of another young girl named Teresa Banks, a year prior to Laura's murder by BOB.
  • Excellent if you ignore the second season

    This series was make for overly analytical person's like myself. Somehow believeing that everything can be explained logically. In entertainment the laws of the universe never have to apply and seldom do. Stories have one of 5 common elements, Man VS Man, Man VS God, Man VS Nature, Man VS Self, and Man VS Society. Here not only do you have all 5, but it attemps to create an element of it's own, perhaps Man vs Logic. Twin peaks was quite a good show. I first saw the prequel movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me". It wasn't until about 10 years later I rented the series from Netflix. After I watched the first episode I was hooked. Follwing my completion of the first season I couldn't believe that such a surreal and infiniate series could have been canceled, that's where the second season came into play. The second season was extremely overplayed, more forced, and less surreal. Revealing one more piece of the puzzle after the other nothing was left to the imagination and the earlier feelings of association and intense agrivation withered. I can see why it was canceled durring it's second season.

    If you want to see Twin Peaks at it's best don't watch the second season it ruins the series.
  • Really nice!

    Angelo Badalamenti's sweet theme begins as smokestacks billow, and a robin assures the viewer of the presence of love in a little town located through the pines, just this side of sanity...or reality. Either way you choose to look at it (and the choice is yours), every episode of this groundbreaking television show grabbed the viewer in its seductive and destructive web... and wouldn't let go. "Twin Peaks" began a string of weird television shows in the early 90's, but, unlike those later shows, "Twin Peaks" would be beloved and remembered long after it was off the air. "Twin Peaks" has earned a spot next to "The Twilight Zone", "Night Gallery", and "Star Trek" in terms of pioneering television and in terms of a cult following deserving of conventions and fanzines. I believe that F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper is one of the most enjoyable and inspiring characters in television history. His simple passions and quirky behavior was a welcomed sight in our living rooms every week during the shows very short run in the late 80's and early 90's. "Twin Peaks" started out on fire, gaining exposure during the pilot's multiple airings. The mystery of Laura Palmer's murderer practically invented conversations at the water cooler. However, the shows second season was scheduled to air on Saturday nights at 10:00, an advertiser's no-man's land. And, with the shows fan base out on the late weekend nights, the shows network decided to cancel it. David Lynch, the shows co-creator, directed a theatrically released film prequel to "Twin Peaks", showing all who missed the shows airings what really happened to Laura the week of her death, and, finally, her killer. As a huge fan of "Twin Peaks", I will tell you that the circle of events that occur within the story enable the viewer to relive the events over and over, each time around with more intensity than before. When you view the movie prequel, diving right back into the series becomes the natural path, allowing one to see things again for what they really are... or aren't. I highly recommend owning the entire series. Without a network messing up your viewing time, you can see the mystery unfold at your own pace. Viewing "Twin Peaks-Fire Walk With Me", along with the television pilot and the entire 29 episode series (about 33 hours all together), is the most fascinating and satisfying viewing experience that the entertainment industry has offered me so far. The music, costumes, editing, acting, and direction all received Emmy nominations, leading one to conclude that "Twin Peaks" not only satisfied the public, but the critics as well.
  • I only got into Twin Peaks after hearing it as the "father" of my favorite TV show Lost. While it has aged a bit in the past 15 years, the essence is still there and I was in no way disappointed in what I found. Twin Peaks is a show you need to see.

    Twin Peaks had a fairly short run as it definitely died way too early. When it was originally on, I was too young and had never really heard of it. Thanks to some recommendations and Netflix I watched all the episodes on DVD and this show was definitely a classic. It was a character driven show and there were some of the greatest tv show characters in this show and it was one of the original shows to possess a true ensemble cast. It also was a mystery as you tried to solve the big mysteries of who killed Laura Palmer, and past that why she was killed and the black lodge. For 30 episodes we watched as everything unfolded and we were left with one of the largest cliffhangers to ever end a tv show on completely. However, there were a few faults. The first isn't Twin Peaks fault, but rather that it was ahead of its time. It was one of the first shows to intertwine a complex story with almost a religious/fantasy feel at times and there are points where it is very raw. Some of the scenes were not nearly as powerful as they should have been, mainly because of subpar special effects (due to the time period it was made) and the acting. However, even watching this show today it is still overall amazing and I would highly recommend it... especially if your a fan of Lost, because this is where the roots of that show came from.
  • Twin Peaks Actor Appearing at Maryland's Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

    If you're one of those Twin Peaks fanatics trying to get a photo or autograph of everyone on the show, PIper Laurie is going to be at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention this September in Hunt Valley, Maryland. She was a real estate agent on Twin Peaks, and she was awesomely in charge and bitchy in her role. She was also in the original Carrie movie. She's not the only one scheduled to be there. Just Google it or something.
  • Twin Peaks has a bit of everything, from murder-mystery to the paranormal. If you like a series that doesn't give you all the answers, Twin Peaks is for you.

    Twin Peaks starts off like a regular every day murder mystery. It slowly deviates from this genre and drags the viewer into a world of the paranormal and the unexplained.

    One of the unique plot devices that Twin Peaks employs is that one of the main characters is dead. This works in favour of the storyline, because it encourages the viewer to imagine for themselves many aspects of Laura Palmer's personality.

    Twin Peaks also manages to mix in a suitable amount of comic relief, from a cross-dressing David Duchovny, to an FBI Agent with a ridiculous hearing loss.

    Twin Peaks is definitely a town where everyone has a secret, and is worth a watch.
  • A strange show, but moved television to what we know it to be today.

    This show is strange. That is the first word that comes to mind when describing this show. It is good, but first of all it is strange. At the time that this show came out, it was something new. At the time, the most popular shows on the air were family sit-coms. This dared to be different. It was completely sequential. The show required the viewer to see all of the episodes in a row and none could be missed.

    While this was great for the viewer, the studios did not seem quite ready for such an adventure as the series was cut short after only two seasons. It was so character driven that the viewer really comes to know the characters...and know them well.

    All in all, a good show that is very peculiar and truly sets the stage for what we know television to be today.
  • One of my all time favourite shows...

    I saw the series when I was about 17 years old, and I considered myself a pretty cool and tough person but Twin Peaks proved this to be a thoroughly wrong idea. Several episodes nearly scared me out of my wits, but I was hooked nonetheless. Why? Because I have always been a person that mainly takes in information through the eyes, and Twin Peaks was a thoroughly visual thing. This is not surprising; David Lynch is famous for his ways to transport his intentions with images.
    With Twin Peakshe he set a new standard for style and design in TV-shows, because he treated the whole series with the care and effort of an expensive movie: the characters were extremely well-chosen, the settings were unique and the music...well, the music still gives me the creep.
  • Twin Peaks is without doubt one of the freakiest and most interesting shows of all time and it introduced people who've never before seen Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, etc. to the incredible nightmarish mind of David Lynch...

    Arrrgh! Season II on DVD pushed back again! My Season I box/import pilot/Fire Walk with Me look so incomplete on the shelf (well- okay- they are standing next to every Lynch movie on DVD- even an Industrial Symphony bootleg)... Twin Peaks is without doubt one of the freakiest (if not thee- only thing close I can think of in terms of freakishness is Carnivale- another show cancelled after two seasons also featuring Michael Anderson) and most interesting shows of all time and it introduced people who've never before seen Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, etc. to the incredible nightmarish mind of David Lynch...
  • Great show

    I found the show quite boring at first, but after a few episodes I was caught. I finished the show january 2012, and it was the first time I saw it, and 21 years after it was cancelled, it's still a really great show! I didn't like the end but it was really a Lynch/Frost ending! I followed up with Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me and couldn't stand 15 min. Imo the movie is the worst piece of crap ever made and it only destroyed the magic of Twin Peaks. However, the series is genoius and I have a huge crush on Dale Cooper. I love that Lynch was in it and I loved Gordon Cole :)
  • FBI Agent Dale Cooper travel to Twin Peaks to investigate the death of homecoming queen Laura Palmer.

    "She's dead. Wrapped in plastic." The day those words were uttered TV history was made and a cult classic began. Twin Peaks created a cultural phenomenon that extended to the Oprah show, inspired a prequel movie and launched the careers of around a dozen actors, actresses and the director, David Lynch.

    It all begins when the body of Laura Palmer is found wrapped in plastic on a cold beach in the Pacific Northwest town of Twin Peaks. Sheriff Harry Truman is over his head dealing with this crime and welcomes the assistance of FBI agent Dale Cooper. Harry and Dale become fast friends and share a love of good pie and a "damn good cup of coffee".

    Twin Peaks is filled with interesting and odd characters, a hallmark of the show along with supernatural happenings and surreal atmosphere. Laura Palmer is the the victim. She's the Homecoming Queen and everyone loves her. But as Dale and Harry's investigation deepens, we see that Laura has a second, secret, dangerous life. Donna Hayward was Laura's best friend. Laura's "official" boyfriend was Bobby Briggs, captain of the football team and hoodlum. Bobby was also seeing married waitress Shelly and Laura was secretly seeing James Hurley. Donna knew about Laura and James, the three were best friends, soon after Laura's death, Donna and James fall in love. We also have Audrey Horne, who's dad Benjamin owned the Great Northern Hotel and Horne's Department Store. Laura's parents are Leland and Sarah, both a bit nutty. Sheriff Truman's deputies are sweet but not too bright Andy and Hawk and the receptionist is Lucy. James' uncle Ed is married to Nadine, who wears a patch over one eye. Ed is in love with Norma Jennings, owner of the local diner and married to Hank, who's in prison for man-slaughter. Shelly is married to Leo Johnson, truck driver, drug dealer and wife beater. Harry is in love with and secretly seeing Josie Packard, the widow of the deceased owner of the local sawmill. Her sister in law is Catherine Martell. Catherine is convinced that Josie has something to do with her brother's death. Catherine is married to Pete and she is having an affair with Ben Horne. Those are the major players and their stories provide the bulk of the plot aside from Laura's murder. A lot I know, but it's a complicated and involved series.

    Quality-wise, Twin Peaks probably should have ended after the murder of Laura was solved. After that, it seemed to just go was off track and got extremely confusing. I won't give away the murderer, but it was someone close to Laura. Lots of twists and turns and everyone is connected to everyone in some way or another. My husband is seeing your wife, my boyfriend deals drugs for my husband, my best friend was a coke fiend and slept with everyone, and so on and so forth.

    Back in the late 80's and early 90's, it was either a yearly series , mini-series(10-20 hours in 2-3 hour increments), or a 2-3 hour movie. Now, it's not unusual to see a limited run series that spans for about a dozen episodes. Twin Peaks would have done well in that format. Like I said, after Laura's murder was solved, it should have ended.

    My rating---10 for Laura's murder plot, 8 afterwards. Average 9.
  • This show was sooo good it shuold have been on television for so much longer!

    I was told I 'just had' to watch this show! So I did and what can I say. I was hooked from the very first episode. Originally I thought that the idea was relatively simple. A girl is found dead and the FBI are called into try and solve the mystery becasue the small town sheriff can not cope alone. I love the 'sci-fi' feel. Not quite normal but not all unexplainable. I'm very disappointed that it stopped at two seasons. After watching the last episode I was reeling, so much as there were still so many questions left unanswered. All the what ifs.......
  • Who Killed Laura Palmer??

    So when I was in high school my friends and I bought the VHS of Twin Peaks and sat down for a long weekend and watched the whole thing. I loved it. I still quote from it. I made my parents watch it and they liked it. It is sooo strange and sooo good. Reason’s that it is good:

    D*mn fine coffee
    There’s a fish in the percolator
    My log does not judge
    The owls are not what they seem
    David Duchovny in a dress
    One Eyed Jacks MFAP
    Fire Walk with Me
    The Black Lodge
  • [recensione in italiano]

    David Lynch costruisce un capolavoro descrivendo le vite ed i misteri tra gli abitanti di Twin Peaks in una delle serie cult dei primi anni '90. Tutto entra nel mito: i personaggi, gli oggetti, i paesaggi. Una sceneggiatura che tiene incollati gli spettatori puntata dopo puntata, "nonostante" lo stile del regista che non sempre è digerito dal grande pubblico.Ed in effetti con il proseguio delle vicende c'è il rischio di perdersi tra gli incubi di Lynch. E' una seria da riscoprire, perchè twin peaks ha ispirato molti telefilm degli anni successivi da X-files ai più recenti Lost e Desperate Housewives, in pratica ha inventato il serial drama!
  • A brilliant escape from reality; what TV shows should aspire to be

    Twin Peaks is unique in every way. It is almost unbelievable that a series so near-perfect and daring like Twin Peaks could be shown in nationwide TV. David Lynch didn't sell-out as he turned to the small screen, instead he took TV to new forms: never before and after have I seen a TV series that made such a lasting impression. I love each and every character, the brillant dialogues, the beautiful cast (Lara Flynn Boyle! Kyle MacLachlan!) and - best of all - a storytelling so absurd, obscure and perfect that you can only wonder how they made it. Its not only my favourite TV series, it has some of the best scenes ever filmed (the second murder, BOB, etc). And BOB scared me to death, ten years ago and also nowadays - I've seen the Twin Peaks Series now 5 times in its entirety and it is as good as the first time.
  • From the very first episode I was hooked.

    I was only fourteen years old when I first saw this on television. It was unlike anything else I had ever seen. Twin Peaks has it quirky characters, irrational storylines and strange settings.

    I've been a David Lynch fan ever since.

    And for heaven's sake: release season 2 on DVD already!!
  • Loved this show!!! Except the ending makes me mad!!!!

    I was hooked with the show from the first episode....was intrigued the entire I'm just irritated. Upset that the show was cancelled, I feel the show was changed because of this. I watched it 23 years after it was shown and cant believe how amazing it was. David Lynch was ahead of his time and wish that he would continue it if it was possible. All in all the show was AMAZING and would recommend it to EVERYONE!!!
  • Mandatory.

    This was a ground-breaking show and it's mandatory for every one who calls himself a fan of tv shows.

    This show paved way for every other wierdo-drama-mystery show which came after and if probably the only thing by David Lynch I can remotely say I like - and this I actually love, which is trange 'cause I hate just about every single other thing he did and kind of consider him an over-hyped doer of half-scripts for pseudo-indie-know-it-alls - and I've read several reports that is may actually have to do with Mr. Mar Frost's involvement in writing the show. Later he was back- stabbed by Lynch as to make a prequel.

    Ah well, I digress. Watch this show. It's great.
  • Never watched this when it was on originally, but watching it now on DVD. Man, did I miss out.

    This show is wonderfully quirky, weird, interesting, and I cant stop watching. I couldn't sleep last night, and had just picked up twin peaks on dvd, so I popped it in. That was at 4:30 a.m. its now 7 pm and I am just now finishing it and all I can say is "wow." I havent counted them all but there is numerous subplots, every one of them interesting. The Charactures (sp) are quirky, and sometimes really crack me up!!The show is definatly going down as one of my fav's. My only regret is that I didnt watch it when it aired originally. I was always a huge Millinneum and x-files fan, so I should have figure I would like this one also. It sure has the same "feel" to it. Next up after I finish this is "Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me." Picked it up also.
  • Bring it back again!

    Who doesn't remember the greatest TV show Twin Peaks? When i saw the first episode i was very young i think i had thirteen years old and i remember very well, every day i watched the episodes, i think it was every Sunday, well i never miss a episode i loved very much the drama of the small city of Twin Peaks. I really don't remember all of the episodes but i now for sure i really want to see again, and i now for sure, i will love it again. It was my first drama TV show that i see and became a fan of TWIN PEAKS.
  • From the quirky black humour to the truly terrifying, Twin Peaks remains the stuff of legends.

    Twin Peaks was mesmerizing -- television at its absolute best! There were so many aspects to this amazingly well written show it's hard to know exactly where to begin...

    While it's true that there was a noticeable decline in quality after Laura Palmer's murder had been solved, the show remained intriguing and provocative right up to the end. The shot of Leo in his wheelchair after Shelly and Bobby had thrown that party for him will haunt me to my grave. Creeptastic!

    Dale Cooper is, was, and ever shall be, one of the best written characters in the history of television. All his quirks, every idiosyncrasy so well crafted all the viewer can do is sit in utter amazement and watch him work his magic.

    The one and only draw-back I can find with this otherwise stellar show (and the reason I didn't give it a 10), is the character of James Hurley. The guy was loathsome with a capital 'L'. I've never known such joy as I experienced the day he road his hog off into the sunset and out of my life for good (preferably over one of those nice cliffs so plentiful along the Pacific coast). However, one replusive character does not a bad show make.
  • One of the few shows I was hooked from the moment I watched the first episode.

    Twin Peaks was truly memorable. I missed it during season's one initial run, but caught it during the reruns and was instantly fascinated. This show was the antithesis of Murder She Wrote and others like it. This was no cold, faceless death. The death of one girl, sent shock waves throughout the town in a way that I had never seen on TV before. The only comparison was on the first episode of Wonder Years, with the death of Winnie's brother, or on the 5th season episode of Buffy, "The Body", when Buffy's mom died. There was genuine emotion on Twin Peaks. The question became, were you turned off by the supernatural goings on, or were you drawn into them? Personally I was hooked till the end. Although, I still wish they had given it a proper ending, instead of leaving us all wondering.
  • Incredible. Why can't they make shows like this anymore?

    Twin Peaks is truly the best television series I have ever watched. ABC was incredibly foolish to cancel it after the second season. All of the characters are very personable and David Lynch's style makes you feel as if you're right with them solving the crime. Twin Peaks can go from hilarity, to sorrow, to horror, and back to hilarity is as little as a few minutes. Kyle MacLachlan is outstanding as Dale Cooper, and play off of the other characters very well. I highly recommend this series, which is available on DVD, to any fan of Lost, Heroes, or any other epic series. It's a work of art in every way possible.
  • There is a darkness that resides in the woods....

    A unique show way ahead of it's time. David Lynch and all the talented writers who contributed to this show created a series that really stirred the imagination. In what was a basic story of a local girl murdered in a small town, we quickly learn nothing about this town or the girl are simple at all. We are introduced to weird , hilarious , evil or good natured characters. Kyle Mclachlan , a long time favourite of Lynch, does a terrific portrayal of the FBI Agent Dale Cooper who has a spirtual side as well. The plot lines and stories are as unique as the characters and the short first season is among the best TV of all time. I will admit that midway through the second season, the story lines kind of went off on a strange tangent (even by Lynch standards). At this point in the season we also discover the identity of the murderer who killed Laura Palmer and a couple other young females. Maybe Lynch should have deliberately made this show a miniseries when he started out but regardless no show before or since (maybe Carnivale) has been able to capture the spiritual, supernatural, mundane, suspenseful, dramatic, comedic, & violent mood of Twin Peaks. If the town actually existed, I would have moved there a long time ago!!
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