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  • Many prefer season 1, but if you know what to expect, season 2 is fantastic!

    I have heard many say that season 1 is better than season 2. I think that season 2 requires a lot more thought to figure out, but if you put some time into it, it's more rewarding than season 1 (just not as accessible).

    If you are considering watching this show, then what you need to know is that there is an extremely large cast of quirky characters that populate the small Northwestern town of Twin Peaks. The show starts out as a murder investigation, but the elements of mystery quickly expand beyond the realms of forensic science.

    I found most of the characters to be extremely likeable, but I've seen people get annoyed that every character has a quirk.

    Two things that may help you to enjoy season 2 is to know that season 2 is a ghost story, and that season 2 finishes uncompleted (due to the cancellation of the show).

    Season 1 hooks you in, in a quirky detective story fashion, but ultimately the goal of the show was to lead the unwary viewer into the mysteries of Twin Peak's "woods". Which in the end, turns into a quasi-mysticism filled adventure drawing upon ghost stories, ancient Indian legends, and modern day spins on how these elements of the ancient world leak into modern day (un/)consciousness.

    A lot of season 2 is filled with symbolism, that takes some time to figure it. Although at first glance it appears to be "weird for the sake of weird". As more details come in what was weird at first, when taken in symbolic context can have meaning later on. Anyone who enjoys reading Joseph Campbell will enjoy this show. Keep in mind that as a David Lynch, Mark Frost production, there are going to be some very remarkable visual images throughout the show.

    Lastly, a lot of people get very irritated at the cliff hanger ending. But if you know ahead of time that it's going to happen, it can take the edge off. My personal theory is that the ending of season 2 just would have led to a fantastic season 3, and envisioning the events of season 3 can be very thought provoking, and get the creativity juices flowing.

    Additionally, the movie "Fire Walk With Me" does give a sense of closure in that a critical question lingering at the end of season 2 is answered by Laura Palmer in a vision. Whatever you do, don't see this movie until you've seen the entire show.

    I hope that people read this and decide to watch season 2. I also hope that season 2 becomes available on dvd (I own the laserdiscs but who has those anymore?)
  • Twin peaks changed my life! One of the most influential drama series ever, and still one of the best.

    When people talk about Twin Peaks they usually have some vague recollection of a series about a girl that was murdered -or something like that- but this series has so much more underneath. It has lots of comedy, black humour of the greatest kind. It has some of the most memorable characters ever; chiefly in my list is Agent Cooper (one of the all time greatest characters, bar none) whose small quips into his dict-a-phone have become the stuff of legends, “Weather man said it would be sunny. Why is it, Diane, that we pay someone to be wrong 60% of the time?”.
    The most important feature of Twin Peaks however is, as should be expected, the mystery associated around the murder Laura palmer, and the associated Bob. I wont ruin anything for you, but suffice to say it is one creepy story, which, even after the main murder is solved, continues to be one of the moist scariest and creepiest shows ever produced.
    So to sum up, if you have never watched any, get the season1 dvd now! For anyone who has seen it but remembers little, I advise buying the superb DVD and rekindling those moments you have forgotten. This was a bold show that changed the face of T.V, if your considering a career in T.V or even in film, this is a must watch. If you can get the second season as well, on vhs or whatever, even though it is not as good, it is still a lot better than most T.V shows are now.
  • From the very first episode I was hooked.

    I was only fourteen years old when I first saw this on television. It was unlike anything else I had ever seen. Twin Peaks has it quirky characters, irrational storylines and strange settings.

    I've been a David Lynch fan ever since.

    And for heaven's sake: release season 2 on DVD already!!
  • Twin Peaks is without doubt one of the freakiest and most interesting shows of all time and it introduced people who've never before seen Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, etc. to the incredible nightmarish mind of David Lynch...

    Arrrgh! Season II on DVD pushed back again! My Season I box/import pilot/Fire Walk with Me look so incomplete on the shelf (well- okay- they are standing next to every Lynch movie on DVD- even an Industrial Symphony bootleg)... Twin Peaks is without doubt one of the freakiest (if not thee- only thing close I can think of in terms of freakishness is Carnivale- another show cancelled after two seasons also featuring Michael Anderson) and most interesting shows of all time and it introduced people who've never before seen Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, etc. to the incredible nightmarish mind of David Lynch...
  • Hands down the most origianal drama series of the 90's, "Twin Peaks" paved ground for "The X-Files," "Northern Exposure," "Lost" and even less obvious relations like "Aly McBeal" and "The West Wing." Before HBO Original Programing it pushed the limits of

    David Lynch and Mark Frost's "Twin Peaks" is my favorite show of all time. It remains one of the most beautifuly filmed television series of all time (Along with "X-Files" and "The West Wing"), looking very cinematic, but always retaining a "tv" feel. The complex and quirky serialized writing, while not always successful, was never the less quite brilliant.

    The episodes directed by co-creater Lynch are a standout, of course. The pilot episode is one the most compelling and emotional openings to any tv show. The on location filming really gives you the feeling that Twin Peaks is a real town, and you can truly feel the pain of the townspeople as they try to deal with the death of Laura Palmer. Lynch's second episode will be forever remembered for its disturbing, backwards talking dream sequence ending, with its red curtains and dancing midget.

    Perhaps the best episode of the series, apart from the truly terrifing final episode, is Episode 14. This episode has everything - hysterical humor, romance, suspense, and a haunting ending - along with THE most violent murder ever shown on network televison. It is a masterpiece of writing and directing.
  • Some of the best writing on television.

    How can I ever describe how I loved this show? I mean I couldn't wait each week for this to come on! Even after the "Who killed Laura?" was over I still couldn't get enough of these characters. David Lynch and all the directors and writers for this show were phenomenal and the way each show ended made you ponder what could happen on the next show, which I never got right. I wish this show was still on and hadn't got the ax from ABC, but I have all the episodes on tape and DVD so I can watch them whenever I want.
  • One of the few shows I was hooked from the moment I watched the first episode.

    Twin Peaks was truly memorable. I missed it during season's one initial run, but caught it during the reruns and was instantly fascinated. This show was the antithesis of Murder She Wrote and others like it. This was no cold, faceless death. The death of one girl, sent shock waves throughout the town in a way that I had never seen on TV before. The only comparison was on the first episode of Wonder Years, with the death of Winnie's brother, or on the 5th season episode of Buffy, "The Body", when Buffy's mom died. There was genuine emotion on Twin Peaks. The question became, were you turned off by the supernatural goings on, or were you drawn into them? Personally I was hooked till the end. Although, I still wish they had given it a proper ending, instead of leaving us all wondering.
  • A true original

    Much has been said about how bad Twin Peaks got during its second season. I watched it while it was on and at the time I agreed. However, a few years back I bought the entire series on video and have watched it twice through again. Watching the episodes all at once rather than one a week or every few weeks depending on pre-emptions, it actually is pretty good. No, it's nowhere near as good as season 1, but it would have been impossible to top season 1. Twin Peaks was the most original thing to come along in years. I only wish we could have had a wrap-up movie instead of Fire Walk With Me.
  • Very much ahead of it's time and very much underappreciated, not made for the masses, but one of the best shows T.V. has ever seen.

    David Lynch(Blue Velvet, Mullholland Drive,Eraserhead) has never been known to dissapoint when it comes to fascinatingly bizzarre and incredibly great works. Twin Peaks being his only outting into the world of T.V. is in no way a dissapointment of any kind. The show follows Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) as he tries to uncover the secrets of a murder in a small, sometimes quirky, and always strange and secretive town. Instead of being your average run-of-the-mill cop show or mystery show, Twin Peaks takes constant turns into the occult with amazing results that only heighten the intensity often tense episodes. Cooper isn't your average FBI agent either, as he takes repeated trips to the local diner for their "damn good coffee" and "damn good pie" for some comic relief. Lynch's storyline takes strange twist after strange twist and I don't wish to ruin any surprises, but if you're familiar with his other work you CANNOT miss this show, or even if you just want to see a good drama. I guarantee you'll be hooked from episode one.
  • One of the most influential TV shows of the 1990s ... and in my personal top 10 shows of all time.

    Even after being off the air for well over a decade Twin Peaks has lost none of its quirky and queasy power to get under your skin and haunt your dreams. This show is addictively wicked.

    Black humour and spooky moments abound in this brilliant David Lynch production. It is a series you would need to watch from the very start to follow the complicated twists and turns in the plot ... but it is well worth the effort.

    Twin Peaks is about the investigation into the murder of local girl Laura Palmer. As the story unfolds it becomes apparent that no one is as they appear in this town (and that includes eccentric FBI investigator, Agent Dale Cooper).
    To say the characters are quirky is putting it mildly, it may be more accurate to say they are verging on the insane which certainly makes it impossible to figure out who the murderer is ... most of the population of Twin Peaks have secrets they don't want exposed.
    This series became cult viewing in the 90's and it is easy to see why. David Lynch has produced a masterpiece that dares to be different and makes no apology for it. Brilliant, bizarre, funny, moving, it will make you laugh and cry.

    Highly recommended.
  • Of all the hit dramas on television, Twin Peaks is one of the very best. It had it all...mystery, interesting characters, good plot with twists, and comic relief. I am glad it's been released on video, I can't wait for season 2 to come out on dvd.

    Of all the hit dramas on television, Twin Peaks is one of the very best. It had it all...mystery, interesting characters, good plot with twists, and comic relief. I am glad it's been released on video, I can't wait for season 2 to come out on dvd. For all those who "don't get it" or thought it was a waste of time, watch it again, just a couple of episodes. You may just find its quirkiness refreshing. Especially with all the reality and detective shows on tv now. This was a twist and a look at how even small towns can have very large problems.
  • A brilliant escape from reality; what TV shows should aspire to be

    Twin Peaks is unique in every way. It is almost unbelievable that a series so near-perfect and daring like Twin Peaks could be shown in nationwide TV. David Lynch didn't sell-out as he turned to the small screen, instead he took TV to new forms: never before and after have I seen a TV series that made such a lasting impression. I love each and every character, the brillant dialogues, the beautiful cast (Lara Flynn Boyle! Kyle MacLachlan!) and - best of all - a storytelling so absurd, obscure and perfect that you can only wonder how they made it. Its not only my favourite TV series, it has some of the best scenes ever filmed (the second murder, BOB, etc). And BOB scared me to death, ten years ago and also nowadays - I've seen the Twin Peaks Series now 5 times in its entirety and it is as good as the first time.
  • One of my all time favourite shows...

    I saw the series when I was about 17 years old, and I considered myself a pretty cool and tough person but Twin Peaks proved this to be a thoroughly wrong idea. Several episodes nearly scared me out of my wits, but I was hooked nonetheless. Why? Because I have always been a person that mainly takes in information through the eyes, and Twin Peaks was a thoroughly visual thing. This is not surprising; David Lynch is famous for his ways to transport his intentions with images.
    With Twin Peakshe he set a new standard for style and design in TV-shows, because he treated the whole series with the care and effort of an expensive movie: the characters were extremely well-chosen, the settings were unique and the music...well, the music still gives me the creep.
  • This is the best show of all time- stop ragging on it!

    If ever you hear people who are dissapointed in a current show comparing it to Twin Peaks, don't listen to them-they clearly have no idea what they're talking about.
    This show rules, because there's nothing missing- comedy: Windom Earle's Log Lady disguise; noir: Jose and Eckhart; tearjerker: Laura's murder is announced; mystery: who killed Laura Palmer; tension: Cooper held hostage; horror: BOB, and answers! Yes, all you need to do is watch the episodes and the film in order, and all is revealed, although not in boring/ simple exposition, by the story's end we find out everything- who killed Laura, and the nature of her murder, what happened to Cooper in the Black Lodge, the relevance of the ring, the owls, the blue rose. Immerse yourself in the world of Twin Peaks, and the answers become clear- more than that, the questions become logical.
    So there are still some things which are not fully explained, such as the backwards talk in the Black Lodge, but the whole point is that it is a place which defies explanation, and so dramatically it works better this way. Other unimportant mysteries, such as the nature of the little man from another place have even been explained since- he is Mike's (BOB's ex killing partner) severed arm.
    Much remains open to interpretation, but the mystery is solved in full by the end. All that we do not get is closure, but with the sheer strength of that final cliffhanger, any continuation of the original characters would be bound to dissapoint.
    There's never been a better time to give this show a chance (although there will be once they finally release the season 2 DVD), so try it- you won't be dissapointed.
  • One of the best shows ever made!

    I just newly started seeing Twin Peaks (I have seen the hole season 1) but what a show. This Series has everything
    Drama, comedy, mystery, romance, crime, horror you name it. I just love all the characters they are just right especially the “Log Lady”. The feeling over the town of Twin Peaks is also fabulous that’s really interesting is that there’s really no character that can call he or her innocent. So what can I give Twin Peaks but a big ten and call it one of the best shows ever made.
  • I really don't understand what we're supposed to write in here... Is it our favorite epsiode? Can't pick one! Lol!

    Twin Peaks is one of the most amazing tv shows to have ever graced the television universe! It's a show like no other, with a breath-taking story treatment. I must confess I probably watched it too many times, but it's so absolutely well done. I'm spleechless when it comes to Twin Peaks, you either love it or just plain don't get it. I love it and will always be thankful for the genius of David Lynch. He is extraordinary!
  • Twin Peaks changed the way I look at telivision.

    Twin Peaks changed the face of te"love"vision for this viewer. I had never before been so intrigued, frightened, and sometimes confused by a telivision show. "Bob" sometimes, still keeps me awake at night. If you have never tasted the cherry pie and cup of joe that is "Twin Peaks", please give it a try. Shows like "Lost" (another favorite) survive today because "T.P" forged the way. A beautiful series, I miss it dearly.
  • [recensione in italiano]

    David Lynch costruisce un capolavoro descrivendo le vite ed i misteri tra gli abitanti di Twin Peaks in una delle serie cult dei primi anni '90. Tutto entra nel mito: i personaggi, gli oggetti, i paesaggi. Una sceneggiatura che tiene incollati gli spettatori puntata dopo puntata, "nonostante" lo stile del regista che non sempre è digerito dal grande pubblico.Ed in effetti con il proseguio delle vicende c'è il rischio di perdersi tra gli incubi di Lynch. E' una seria da riscoprire, perchè twin peaks ha ispirato molti telefilm degli anni successivi da X-files ai più recenti Lost e Desperate Housewives, in pratica ha inventato il serial drama!
  • Absolutly the best of ever in this cathegory!

    It's is hard to say anything from this genious show. This was the first serious in the Tv, that showed us, TV freeks, that there can be Hollywood-like series int the Tv too! It shocked us, it was terribly funny in the beginning, and incredibly addictive. You laughed in the beginning of a moment, and in the end of it you wanted to cry. Why? Why was it so ONE and only? What was the magic in it? You have to see it for yourself. It's a typical work of the famous director David Lynch! Angelo Badalamentis music is so incredibly good, like John Williams's in Star Wars. The actors made a proffesional job. You believed every moment, it was so real, and so unreal in the same way. The feelings in your heart and soul are so difficult to explain, as you watching it... Have a try!!!
  • unique and influential

    This show has had many a influence on me over the years, both on my personal life and on my professional life. The writing is so amazing it is out of this world. The characters are so strange but so real. The atmosphere is right on target. David Lynch, especially, is a master at portraying the most basic, deep, and raw aspects of human nature beautifully (but not always positively)in its surrounding nature.Nothing I have seen on television since has matched it in quality.For the longest time I was angry with how it ended yet now I think there could have been no better, sadder, mysteryous ending than that.After 15 years, I keep on finding new things after every screening.
  • An amazing achievement in television.

    Twin Peaks contains the most bizarre characters (for instance Nadeen, the one-eyed lady with super-strength), situations, and events in any television show to date. The mystery of finding the murderer of Laura Palmer proved baffling and strange, while the Windam Earl conflict was thrilling. Even the vast number of minute sub-plots contained will peak your interst untill the very end. My only gripe, is that it ended far too early. This lead the to many unresolved issues such as the whole Josie dresser knob thing and the truth behind the white and black lodges, neither of which were actually entered. The series also ended very depressingly and I pray for David Lynch to make an epilog movie to show that what happened with Cooper is resolved.
  • Brilliant. Just about the perfect show. It was edgy, strange, artistic, well-written and often unsettling. Sparse humour softened the black scripts--always witty or touching; never silly, smarmy or apologetic. The show revelled in its darkness, which

    This show challenged its viewers just as the films of David Lynch do. Those who thought found it too silly or unbelievable were trying to understand the show as a simple narrative -- a form Lynch simply does not understand. His work is based on impression, suggestion and atmosphere. I suspect he may have begun his career as a painter, based on how he uses filmstock to create an animated canvas.

    Does this make it good? It depends on what you like. If narrative is what you want and if you want a show to eventually reveal rational answers for all of the questions that arise, you will hate Lynch's work. As in real life, he leaves many things unknown. Likewise, if you believe in a static reality that is experienced the same way by most sane people, you will hate this show. Lynch develops a reality that is subjective and dramatically affected by inprepretation and perspective, and develops this reality through the varied perceptions of his characters.

    I take it back - he may have been a psychologist in a past life, he is so keenly aware of the vagaries of perception and that "normal" is a concept that makes for tidy categorizations but rarely applies in real life.

    For those who believe that normalcy, sexuality, sense of humour and morality are fluid concepts that cannot be defined by firm categories, Lynch's work provides an odd comfort zone, exposing a complicated reality that those on the fringe can easily relate to. For those who feel most comfortable on solid ground where facets of humanity can be easily categorized, Lynch is sure to provide a bumpy and unsettleing ride.

    For Lynch, the stories are secondary. Exploring the complicated inner world of the human mind is the key.

    That said, the stories of Twin Peaks were compelling and in many ways, starkly real. A brilliant show, sure to be loved by anyone who adored Mulholland Dr. or other of Lynch's surreal works.

    Warning: this show gets weirder as it goes along.

  • A true clasic of the genre. A shame we won't see it again.

    Watching mystery series like Invasion and Lost has really made me appreciate the skillful storytelling and solid structure of Twin Peaks. In the former two, I have seen episodes which have brought us no closer to the truth, and which seem to be leading the viewer down a blind alley. In Twin Peaks, no moment was ever wasted, there were no throwaway lines, no filler, no characters who were anything less than essential.

    Dale Cooper as the fish out of water detective was a great advocate of the audience as we were plunged into the weird town of Twin Peaks. He asked the questions we wanted to ask, and when, at the end of the first season, he was shot, it was as if we cut adrift in an unfamiliar town. It was a real cliffhanger, and J.J. Abrams would do well to take heed.

    The visual splendour of Twin Peaks was also unique, it's strong, sometimes sickening, colour schemes and the claustrophobic Red Room scenes were like nothing seen on TV before. When the final episodes revealed the killer of Laura Palmer, the horror was heightened by the lurid colours and the assualt on the vision from rooms completely decked in wood pannelling or flock wallpaper.

    Twin Peaks was a masterpiece which holds many lessons for those writing today.
  • Offbeat, at time bizarre, crime drama. I've never seen anything like it.


    What a great show. A missing girl from the town on Twin Peaks is found dead. The FBI is called in to investigate. Special Agent Dale Cooper is chose for the task. Agent Cooper had no idea what he was getting himself into when he first stepped foot in this crazy town.

    This was a town that appeared to have zero normal people in it. Some people had patches on their eye for no apparent reason. Midgets talking backwards and in rhymes. Agent Cooper had to deal with all the strange happenings as he tried to discover the killer of this young girl. A great show that was canceled way too soon. I would love to see another show like this.

  • Great quriky murder mystery.

    How very odd. I was just thinking tonight how no show had my gripping interest since Twin Peaks. I thought the writing was excellent and the casting was near perfect. Talk about odd and quirky, there was just a commerical for Myth Busters or is it Mythbusters? Anyway, they are doing an episode on exploding pants. Exploding pants, is this really a problem somewere? Maybe in Twin Peaks it might be, but not in the real world. Well, I think Kyle McGloclin was great as the lead. I don't know why other people got tired of it i wanted it to keep going.
  • I think about this show all of the time. A great murder mystery with fantastic writing. Writen by the Guy who did the movie "Blue Velvet" I think his name was David Lynch.

    What a great show this was. There is a missing girl from the town on Twin Peaks who is found dead around a train I think. The FBI sends an agent to investigate the murder. Special Agent Dale Cooper is the man sent to handle things. This was a town that appeared to only have bizarre people in it. A lady had a patch on her eye and if I remember correctly she would switch which eye it was on. Agent Cooper had to deal with all the strange people as well as trying to solve the crime. I wish this show was still on or they could make something like it and catch that lightning in a bottle again.
  • The death of a promising young woman leads an intrepid law enforcement officer to unravel the secrets of life in a highly strange small town.

    Laura Palmer is dead.

    The beautiful young woman was found murdered, and no one seems to know who did it, nor who would want to. Special Agent Dale Cooper is called to the town to figure out why.

    Twin Peaks boasts a terrific diner, gorgeous scenery and a host of insular citizens from whom Cooper must coax the details of the victim's life and disappearance. Who last saw her alive? What were her friends like? Why does the truth look so much stranger than fiction?

    This show was crafted by a crew including legendary art filmmaker David Lynch. He continued his tradition of 'fever dream'-like visuals that took the viewer in and out of a surreal dream world just under the surface of reality.

    It stands today as one of the most jarring, puzzling but richly rewarding series in the history of television.

    'Twin Peaks' was a law unto itself.
  • Who Killed Laura Palmer??

    So when I was in high school my friends and I bought the VHS of Twin Peaks and sat down for a long weekend and watched the whole thing. I loved it. I still quote from it. I made my parents watch it and they liked it. It is sooo strange and sooo good. Reason’s that it is good:

    D*mn fine coffee
    There’s a fish in the percolator
    My log does not judge
    The owls are not what they seem
    David Duchovny in a dress
    One Eyed Jacks MFAP
    Fire Walk with Me
    The Black Lodge
  • The best tv show... perhaps ever.

    Twin Peaks was the strangest thing on tv in the early 1990s when it aired... and it still remains as one of the creepiest, darkest, wackiest adventures ever to air on network tv. It was brilliantly written, passionately acted by a stunning ensemble cast, and utterly captivating, even in its insanity and second-season moments of painful chaos. David Lynch is an absolute master of his own peculiar genre in film. Considering his penchant for all things bloody, deranged, and non-linear, however, one might think that TV might not be the best venue for his talents. But somehow he created (along with other very talented people) an incredibly smart and eager show that actually managed to seem normal enough on the surface (as all Lynchian scenarios do, at the beginning) that it created a fan base. And he took us on a wild ride through the town of Twin Peaks, where we were scared of what might come next and enchanted by the possibilities. It was in the second season that, sadly, Lynch's exuberant madness became a little too much for the TV genre. But even with only 2 seasons, I think that Twin Peaks was one of the, if not the, best television show to have ever aired. It broke all kinds of molds (the camera angles! The lighting! The soundtrack! The s...l...o...w moments that are usally only allowed in films, and independent dramas at that!) and can't be matched for the sheer richness of it. Everything from Cooper's tortured Philadelphia history to Ben and Jerry's trips across the water had layers and layers of meaning and allusion -- a level of complexity that I don't think network TV has ever shown before, and probably never will again.
  • This show was sooo good it shuold have been on television for so much longer!

    I was told I 'just had' to watch this show! So I did and what can I say. I was hooked from the very first episode. Originally I thought that the idea was relatively simple. A girl is found dead and the FBI are called into try and solve the mystery becasue the small town sheriff can not cope alone. I love the 'sci-fi' feel. Not quite normal but not all unexplainable. I'm very disappointed that it stopped at two seasons. After watching the last episode I was reeling, so much as there were still so many questions left unanswered. All the what ifs.......
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