Twin Peaks

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • There is a darkness that resides in the woods....

    A unique show way ahead of it's time. David Lynch and all the talented writers who contributed to this show created a series that really stirred the imagination. In what was a basic story of a local girl murdered in a small town, we quickly learn nothing about this town or the girl are simple at all. We are introduced to weird , hilarious , evil or good natured characters. Kyle Mclachlan , a long time favourite of Lynch, does a terrific portrayal of the FBI Agent Dale Cooper who has a spirtual side as well. The plot lines and stories are as unique as the characters and the short first season is among the best TV of all time. I will admit that midway through the second season, the story lines kind of went off on a strange tangent (even by Lynch standards). At this point in the season we also discover the identity of the murderer who killed Laura Palmer and a couple other young females. Maybe Lynch should have deliberately made this show a miniseries when he started out but regardless no show before or since (maybe Carnivale) has been able to capture the spiritual, supernatural, mundane, suspenseful, dramatic, comedic, & violent mood of Twin Peaks. If the town actually existed, I would have moved there a long time ago!!
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