Twin Peaks

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • Excellent if you ignore the second season

    This series was make for overly analytical person's like myself. Somehow believeing that everything can be explained logically. In entertainment the laws of the universe never have to apply and seldom do. Stories have one of 5 common elements, Man VS Man, Man VS God, Man VS Nature, Man VS Self, and Man VS Society. Here not only do you have all 5, but it attemps to create an element of it's own, perhaps Man vs Logic. Twin peaks was quite a good show. I first saw the prequel movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me". It wasn't until about 10 years later I rented the series from Netflix. After I watched the first episode I was hooked. Follwing my completion of the first season I couldn't believe that such a surreal and infiniate series could have been canceled, that's where the second season came into play. The second season was extremely overplayed, more forced, and less surreal. Revealing one more piece of the puzzle after the other nothing was left to the imagination and the earlier feelings of association and intense agrivation withered. I can see why it was canceled durring it's second season.

    If you want to see Twin Peaks at it's best don't watch the second season it ruins the series.