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ABC (ended 1991)


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  • I only got into Twin Peaks after hearing it as the "father" of my favorite TV show Lost. While it has aged a bit in the past 15 years, the essence is still there and I was in no way disappointed in what I found. Twin Peaks is a show you need to see.

    Twin Peaks had a fairly short run as it definitely died way too early. When it was originally on, I was too young and had never really heard of it. Thanks to some recommendations and Netflix I watched all the episodes on DVD and this show was definitely a classic. It was a character driven show and there were some of the greatest tv show characters in this show and it was one of the original shows to possess a true ensemble cast. It also was a mystery as you tried to solve the big mysteries of who killed Laura Palmer, and past that why she was killed and the black lodge. For 30 episodes we watched as everything unfolded and we were left with one of the largest cliffhangers to ever end a tv show on completely. However, there were a few faults. The first isn't Twin Peaks fault, but rather that it was ahead of its time. It was one of the first shows to intertwine a complex story with almost a religious/fantasy feel at times and there are points where it is very raw. Some of the scenes were not nearly as powerful as they should have been, mainly because of subpar special effects (due to the time period it was made) and the acting. However, even watching this show today it is still overall amazing and I would highly recommend it... especially if your a fan of Lost, because this is where the roots of that show came from.