Twin Peaks

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • a show way out of it's time (spolier alerts!!!! major spoliers )

    this show deat with the murder case of laura(i can not remember her last name sorry) a teenager name laura is mysterysly killed. she seemed like a regualar girl a girl with a great future. but as the case progresisis we find laura had a dark life. for the cast a fbi officer is called down. thanks to the audiance of the show they revealed the killer of laura. i think it was in season two. (by the way i hoped they would not reveal the killers name until the end of the show but people just lost their patience!!!)

    the killer of laura is her dad!!!!

    da da da!!!!

    but laura was not the only case. while the fbi is in twin peaks he fall's in love and stays. there are many other cases. the last case would the the woods that is supposed to be dark. on the last episode the fbi agent was in the woods with the other officers when they leave he goes to his hotel. the other officers are in his bed room while he is in his bathroom. he is looking in the mirror and starts to laugh he hits his head against the mirror and continues to laugh.

    that's right. this is how the show ends. but that's think to the company i think fox but i could be wrong. they kept changing the show's time and date so people could not watch it. they wanted to do another season but no one watched the show (again thinks to fox or what the channel was)

    but if you have the time watch this show it is great. while laura case is going on there is soooo much more. i really would suggest watching this show. it's a great show.
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