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ABC (ended 1991)


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  • What happened in the 2nd season??

    To tell you the truth I am only halfway through season 2, but I have to say it is "numbing my buns" ... there were intriguing characters, storylines, mysteries throughout season 1. As soon as an episode ended I had already clicked on the next one. (Actually to be honest, I watched half of the first episode after hearing so much hype and then dumped it for about 5 months.) But when I picked it up again it was marvelous, I could really understand what people liked about it. The Palmer mystery was creepy and hooking, and then halfway through season 2 - BAM, town moves on. I get that the investigation the way it was going wouldn't have and shouldn't have lasted that long. I'm glad it ended when it did, but that should have been the culmination of the series. Twin Peaks was about Laura Palmer. when she's through, the show should be through. This isn't the O.C., it's not the chronicle of a town, it's the chronicle of a murder investigation. That's the way these types of shows are supposed to be. As soon as that era died it even seemed like the characters transformed to suit this new storyline. Audrey Horne was inserted just because she had a contract. My favorite characters were boring.

    The '5' rating is for the first half, which was perfect. The other '5' disappeared with the quality of season 2.