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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot "Northwest Passage"

  • IMPROVS: When Agent Cooper initially examines Laura's corpse with Sheriff Truman and a medical assistant, the room's fluorescent lamp is buzzing & flickering due to a real-life malfunction. David Lynch loved the eerie effect and kept it in, giving the assistant an extra line about the light's "bad transformer". When Cooper asks the assistant to please leave later in the scene, the line is misheard by the minor actor who instead replies "Jim"(his real-life name). Cooper awkwardly restates his request and the assistant then responds appropriately...pleasing Lynch with yet another unscripted gaff.

  • Laura Palmer's homecoming photo that is used in this episode and throughout the series is actress Sheryl Lee's actual prom photo.

  • When Sheriff Truman and Agent Cooper see Donna and James drive by on the motorcycle, the Sheriff flips on the truck's emergency lights. The scene then cuts to the truck pulling out onto the road in pursuit of the motorcycle and the lights are no longer on. In the next scene we see the truck on the road and the lights are now on again.

  • The population of Twin Peaks is 51,201 due to a production goof in the creation of the welcome sign. Originally it was to going 5,120 inhabitants.

  • This episode takes place on: Friday, February 24, 1989

  • Agent Cooper mentions an agent named "Sam" who doesn't seem to be on the ball. In the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk with Me, we're introduced to Special Agent Sam Stanley, a goofy specialist who investigates the murder of Theresa Banks.

  • GOOF: In the opening titles, Catherine Martell's first name is spelled as "Katherine"

  • GOOF: In the end credits, the character played by Kimmy Robertson is listed as "Lucy Morgan," despite being identified as "Lucy Moran" in the episode.

  • In the final scene, where Sarah Palmer has an upsetting vision, look in the mirror behind her. You can briefly make out the reflection of Set Decorator Frank Silva. When this was called to Lynch's attention on the set, he was overjoyed and shouted "PERFECT!" This is how Frank Silva was chosen to play the character of Killer Bob.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Episode One "Traces To No...

  • In the scene where James Hurley is released from jail, watch carefully for the secret sign exchanged between Big Ed Hurley and Deputy Hawk. Its significance will be explained in later episodes.

  • This episode takes place on: Saturday, February 25

  • Jill Rogosheske, who plays Trudy, the waitress at the Great Northern Hotel, is married to writer/producer Robert Engels. Trudy appears in many episodes, and also acted as the on set pianist for when the Icelanders or Leland break into song at the Great Northern.

  • Some of the characters look somewhat different in this episode then they did in the pilot. Audrey and Leo have very different hair styles, even though only a few hours have passed since the end of the last episode. {This is due to the fact that many months seperated the filming of the pilot and the filming of Episode One.}

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Episode Two "Zen, Or The ...

  • The song playing during the scene where Leland dances with the photograph of Laura is Pennsylvania 6-5000 by Glenn Miller.

  • In the Tibetan map scene, we can see that the letters R and T appear on the blackboard, although Cooper never mentions them. These letters refer to what was found beneath the fingernails of the two murder victims, Laura Palmer and Theresa Banks.

  • When Cooper turns the Tibetan map over, we see a blackboard with the letters R and T appearing, uncircled. The camera briefly cuts to Truman and company. When the camera returns to Cooper, the R and T are now circled in chalk yet Cooper has not yet picked up the chalk.

  • We have our first look at "Invitation To Love" the mock soap opera that will often be shown playing on character's televisions throughout the series. In this episode, Shelly sees the title card for "Invitation To Love" before switching off her television.

  • This episode takes place on: Saturday, February 25 - Sunday, February 26

  • In the scene where Albert Rosenfield arrives in Twin Peaks, we can see that Lucy is reading a book about Tibet. Earlier in the episode, Cooper has given a long speech about the country.

  • GOOF: Near the end of the episode, Catherine says to Pete: "What did that FBI man want today?". However, it is now Sunday night and Cooper visited with Pete the day before. This is a mistake in the editing. The scene was scripted to appear in the first act of the show (Which takes place on Saturday night).

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