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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Blast from the Past
      Mitchee finds out her ex-boyfriend, Zack, is back in town, and things heat up in a big way. Meanwhile, Alan discovers that Lee used to date Terry, a billionaire businessman whom Alan has always admired.
    • Himbo
      Episode 17
      Farrah decides to hire Charlie, a former underwear model, to be the company's new Director of Marketing. However, everyone thinks he won't be able to do his job because he's just a pretty face.
    • The Housing Crisis
      The Housing Crisis
      Episode 16
      Mitchee and Farrah end up having their first fight in their new condo and come to believe that moving in together may not have been the best idea. Meanwhile, Lee and Alan decide to spice up their romance and visit the local video store.
    • When I Move, You Move
      Mitchee wants to buy a condo in an exclusive location, but the price is out of her range. She reluctantly asks Farrah to move in with her, who declines the offer. Meanwhile, Alan and Lee agree to a spending limit for their anniversary gift, but when Lee admits she spent more, Alan is frantic to match her amount.moreless
    • Sneaks and Geeks
      Sneaks and Geeks
      Episode 14
      As their high school reunion approaches, both Mitchee and Farrah are excited to reunite with handsome former classmate Danny. But at the event, a geek named Eric, who has become a successful author of men's self-help books since school, intercepts Farrah and uses subliminal seduction techniques to attract her. Meanwhile, Alan's competitiveness causes trouble when he and Lee host a game night with another couple.moreless
    • Dancin' & Pantsin'
      Dancin' & Pantsin'
      Episode 13
      Mitchee and Farrah find out a prank they pulled at summer camp 20 years ago still haunts their victim, and they decide to try to make it up to her. Meanwhile, Lee starts to go dancing without Alan, which suits him just fine---at first.
    • Blonde Ambition
      Blonde Ambition
      Episode 12
      Lee helps Mitchee prepare for a company party with a new dress and hair style. Mitchee is at first upset, but comes to enjoy her new look. Meanwhile, Alan disapproves of Farrah's latest boyfriend, and his interference results in an even more unpopular choice for a date.
    • Musical Chairs
      Musical Chairs
      Episode 11
      For the first time in her life, Farrah is rejected by a guy and doesn't know how to react. When Mitchee runs into the guy at a coffee shop, she decides to confront him but is taken aback by his comments. Meanwhile, Alan receives his introduction to the information super-highway but is shocked when he finds out one of his employees has created an online blog used to bad mouth him.moreless
    • Sister's Keeper
      Sister's Keeper
      Episode 10
      When Alan informs Lee, Mitchee and Farrah that his unexciting sister Judy is joining them for Thanksgiving dinner, the family is clearly less than thrilled. Lee is especially horrified when Judy's creepy new boyfriend hits on her. Meanwhile, in an attempt to cheer Mitchee up and to take her mind off of Jordan. Farrah and her friends take Mitchee out to a bar leading to one crazy evening.moreless
    • I Love You, You're Fired
      Jordan finally asks Mitchee out on a date. However, during dinner, she gets a call from Farrah telling her there is a major problem with an important shipment of undergarments. Turns out the problem is the result of Jordan's actions, meaning Mitchee must make a tough decision for Mitchee. Meanwhile, Alan tells Lee he wants to fire their housekeeper after he declared that her cleaning techniques need improvement.moreless
    • Horse Sense
      Horse Sense
      Episode 8
      Farrah's plan to flirt with the landlord to keep their company's rent low falls apart when she finds out that he retired and he has been replaced by his daughter. Meanwhile, Alan realizes he is allergic to Lee's new little horse, Tinkerbell, and confronts Lee about sending the horse to live on a farm.moreless
    • Halloween Boo
      Halloween Boo
      Episode 7
      Mitchee and Lee bond as they give out Halloween candy while Alan is trying to catch the person who has been egging their house. Meanwhile Farrah drops off a donation of leftover "Golden Rears" to a retirement home where she must confront her fears of aging when she meets a woman on the verge of death.moreless
    • Model Student
      Model Student
      Episode 6
      Mitchee and Farrah both receive traffic tickets and must attend traffic school at their old alma mater, which brings back unsettling feelings the two have toward each other. Meanwhile, Alan realizes his figure isn't the way it used to be and decides to get into shape. Lee vows to help him lose weight, offering Alan an exercise incentive he can't refuse.moreless
    • Really, It's the Thought That Counts
      To prove to Farrah that she can have fun, Mitchee throws herself a birthday party. Elsewhere, Alan and Lee decide to make a list of all the reasons they don't like one another and Alan is ashamed that his list is longer than hers.
    • Twist of Fate
      Twist of Fate
      Episode 4
      Mitchee follows Lee's advice and sets up Jordan with Farrah so he'll realize that they don't belong together. However, her plan sadly backfires.
    • Treat Her Like a Lady
      Mitchee is fed up with Alan always treating her like one of the guys, especially in front of Jordan. Alan respects Mitchee's feelings, but over-compensates when referring to his daughter in the work place, resulting in many rumors among the employees. Meanwhile, Farrah wants to be taken more seriously within the company and boardroom, but Lee tries to convince her to leave the business responsibilities to her sister and father.moreless
    • Fruit of the Lunatics
      Mitchee and Farrah come to an agreement on not to argue in front of their employees while running their lingerie business. But the sister's truce does not last long as they bicker over the name of an underwear design. Lastly, retirement for Alan is a lot harder than he had originally expected.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Twin sisters -- one brilliant, the other beautiful -- inherit their parents' lingerie company, Arnold Undergarments. Mitchee, considers leaving the company, but then she meets a new attractive, co-worker.