Season 1 Episode 14

Sneaks and Geeks

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 27, 2006 on The WB

Episode Recap

Mitchee and Farrah are looking forward to seeing class hunk Danny Curry at their high school reunion. Farrah wants to prove to him that she is no longer shallow while Mitchee believes that they had a moment while dissecting a fetal pig in AP biology because their hands touched. Mitchee feels that she now stands a chance with Danny because she is successful and more confident.

Alan and Lee have been practicing the game Password for a long time and Lee is tired. Alan insists that they practice because this may finally be something at which they can beat their friends the Wexlers. Lee asks why it's so important to Alan to beat Ira at something and offers some possible reasons by listing several ways in which Ira is better than Alan. Alan explains that back when they were thinking about separating, he confided in Ira who has since been trying to prove how much better their marriage is than Alan and Lee's. Lee suggests that if Alan feels so badly about the Wexlers that they should not have them over at all but Alan waives off the suggestion because the Wexler's are their oldest and dearest friends.

Eric, an old high school friend of Mitchee's drops into the office and they reminisce and catch up. Eric has since written a book called "A Geek's Guide to Getting Hot Women". He tells Mitchee his techniques for getting women which involve treating a woman badly: approach on an angle, actively ignore, and mildly insult. Farrah comes in and does not remember Eric at all. Eric demonstrates his techniques on Farrah who then plays right into his hands.

Farrah talks to Eric who is ignores her and says that he has to leave. Farrah begs him to stay so he invites her to the reunion; she agrees. Before leaving, Eric smugly informs Mitchee about his victory.

At tea, the Wexlers are boasting to Alan and Lee about their voyages. Alan tries to compete but ends up embarrassed when Lee mentions that their trip was a booze-cruise with Alan's mother. Alan offers to play Password. After a few rounds the Wexler's are winning 8-0. Ira continues to rub it in and Alan's anger builds.

At the high school reunion a group of geeks sit around a table counting how long it takes for one of them to solve a Rubik's cube. Eric walks in with Farrah on his arm and awes his friends. Farrah leaves to get Eric a drink. Eric offers Mitchee some advice to get Danny but she is confident in herself and feels she does not need it. She says hello to Danny in Mandarin and asks him if he's seen any fetal pigs lately. Confused, Danny shrugs her off and goes to see some of his friends. Eric takes Mitchee aside and she allows him to advise her.

After her lessons, Eric reminds Mitchee that: she's the prize, confidence is key, and to approach him at a 10 o'clock angle. She tries to do so but ends up looking foolish by jumping around as he moves around the room. He confronts her and she tries to play it cool. She asks if he remembers her but he is more interested in Farrah who has come with Eric. She tries to talk about herself but he ignores her and wanders off. Mitchee tells Eric that it's not working and he tells her to say something mildly insulting. She ends up insulting him outright and he leaves her, offended. Frustrated, Mitchee shouts that she's the prize and everyone looks at her because she is making a scene.

At the game the Wexlers are still beating the Arnolds. When they leave to go to the bathroom together Alan tells Lee that he is certain that the Wexlers are only winning because they are cheating, that Ira turns the card so that Tracy can see it. Lee however insists that the Wexlers are winning because they are connected.

Back at the reunion Danny is talking with Farrah. Seeing that she has changed because she came with Eric, Danny invites her to dance and she accepts. Eric objects and she reveals that she has been using him to make Danny think that she isn't shallow anymore and that she was aware of his tricks all along. Eric's friends berate him for his failiure.

The Wexlers are still winning and finally having had enough, Alan stands up and accuses Ira of cheating. He tells Ira that he has seen him cheating so Ira confesses and tells Tracy that he has been having an affair with her sister. Tracy gets irate and storms out.

Mitchee watches Danny and Farrah dancing for a moment then leaves the reunion only to find Eric trapped in a locker by his friends. They console each other on their losses, saying that they each deserves someone who appreciates them, and decide to go back to the reunion and dance together.