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Twisted Whiskers

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Twisted Whiskers is a new computer animated cartoon show for kids based off the popular 'American Greetings' greeting card series. Its designs stemmed from altered images of real animals twisted to have huge bulging eyes or giant grinning mouths, etc. The cards became so popular that the designs extended to gift items, wrapping paper, notepads, holiday items, holographic cards, ecards, instant messenger products and books. The show first aired in 2010 on the new television network of Hasbro and Discovery called 'The Hub.' It was 'The Hub's' first program. Each episode is a half hour long, chronicling the goofy antics of a crazy group of animals such as: Broken Bear, convinced he was abducted by aliens who was really just tagged by wild life services, Cambridge Kitty, a cat psychologist, Cutie Snoot, a pink furred kitten with an evil streak, Dander and Yawp, both desperate to get back to the swanky home they accidentally got separated from.

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Season 1 : Episode 35

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