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  • Season 1
    • The Tale of Two Confessions

      In the first-season finale, Kyle's investigation takes a new turn. Meanwhile, Whitney's mom arrives to take her daughter back to the city; the romantic triangle among Danny, Jo and Charlie culminates; and additional secrets of Vikram's are unearthed.

    • Danny, Interrupted
      Episode 18
      Danny and Karen are at odds over how best to help Jack. Jo confronts Danny about Jack while Danny is convinced Charlie is up to no good. Tess reveals her secret to Jo.
    • Jo learns more about Danny's past as she bonds with Charlie, and this alarms Danny. Meanwhile, Karen shares words of wisdom with Danny; Whitney proves to be a bad influence on Lacey; Tess gets assistance from Karen; and Kyle grows suspicious of Jack.
    • The Son Also Falls
      Episode 16
      Jo runs for study-body president and requests campaign assistance from Charlie. Meanwhile, Danny feels like he's being haunted by Vikram; and Jack's daughter returns to town after getting expelled from boarding school, and she quickly befriends Lacey.
    • Danny Indemnity
      Episode 15
      Danny's inheritance makes him popular at school but Karen lets the money get to her head. A charity event put on by Andie brings everyone together.
    • 2/25/14
      Kyle continues the search for Vikram. The teens attempt to have a normal homecoming despite recent events.
    • Sins of the Father
      Episode 13
      Danny and Jo debate whether or not to tell the truth about Vikram. Kyle apprehends Marilyn with Lacey's help.
    • 2/11/14
      Danny hides from the police as Kyle gathers evidence that Vikram may still be alive and connected to Regina's murder.
    • 8/27/13
      Lacey considers sacrificing popularity after discovering the in-crowd has been keeping a secret that could help Danny; Tyler continues to pursue Jo, who makes a decision she might regret; and it appears that Phoebe may hold some clues to Regina's mysterious past. Elsewhere, Marilyn turns up new evidence that refutes Karen's confession; and Tess calls in a favor from an old friend.moreless
    • Poison of Interest
      Episode 10

      Danny fights for the right to stay in high school as parents and students want him kicked out.

    • 8/6/13

      Lacey's father comes to town for his daughter's birthday and keeping a big secret that will shock his family. Meanwhile, Danny and Kyle join forces and Jo and Lacey consider sharing a significant piece of evidence. Rico is informed about the existence of a distressing video involving one of his classmates.

    • Docu-Trauma
      Episode 8

      Wanting to fit in and be part of the crowd, Danny tries throw a party. Tyler agrees to help him with the bash if he subjects himself to an interview for Tyler's documentary about Danny himself. Before the hangout, Jo and Tyler go on a date. Kyle gets Karen to divulge something surprising about the death of Danny's aunt and the necklace.

    • 7/23/13

      A friend of Lacey's leads a party at a graveyard, where Jo and Lacey spill something they have been hiding while wanting Danny to open up about what he's been keeping a secret because it might help with finding evidence to prove that Danny didn't kill Regina. Meanwhile, Danny's first day on the soccer team doesn't go well as he thought; and a job interview goes poorly for Karen.

    • 7/16/13

      To try to get proof that Danny didn't kill Regina, Lacey and Jo go with Danny on a trip to Connecticut to get more information on what Regina did before she was murdered. During the road trip, Jo and Lacey argue over who knows Danny most. Kyle, Jo's dad, searches for Jo. Karen and Tess start talking again at the unexpected pottery lesson for Karen.

    • 7/9/13
      Residents of Green Grove are upset when Danny goes to the Fall Festival.
    • 7/2/13
      At Lacey-s sleepover, Jo discovers something that sheds light on evidence.
    • 6/25/13
      Green Grove High School is putting on a skit for Sobriety Awareness Day.
    • 6/18/13

      Danny and his mother host a dinner for Jo and her parents but her dad takes advantage of this to search for evidence that will link Danny to the murder of Regina. Meanwhile, Lacey is learning to grieve for her friend.

    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      Five years ago, 10 year old Danny Desai killed his aunt with a skipping rope, telling his two best friends, Jo and Lacey, he "had to". Now, Danny has been released and is back at his old high school. Jo and Lacey struggle to deal with the memories this brings up, the rest of the school calls him 'Socio', and then a classmate is murdered, and he's the prime suspect.

    • A recap of the first 10 episodes of the series.