What do you think is going to happen in the show?

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    I for one love this show like so much. I have like a ton of questions that I want answered and so far only one of them have been answered. I hope other people are watching this because if they aren't, then they are missing out on a lot.

    Avan Jogia is playing the kid who killed his Aunt and is now a teenager. I think he is really HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile.

    Here is what I think is going to happen on the show.

    Danny is being set up for the murder of Regina, so he is being framed. Who could be framing him?

    Why is Jo's dad so set on Danny being the one who murdered Regina. He must really hate him for some reason.

    I have a ton more but can't remember them all at the moment. I hope you guys find this show as interesting as I do.

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    Hey there, I think that Avan is hot too, he belongs in this role of Danny, because he is so perfect for it.

    Now I have seen every episode of this show so far, so I can say that Karen definitely killed Regina because she probably found out that before Vikram died, he was possibly screwing Regina and blackmailing her and thats why she had all that money in that letter that Lacey had found.

    I do agree with someone's opinion about Danny and Jo supposedly being half brother and sister? But which parent screwed which? What else do you think will happen?
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    I agree with all of you. Interesting about jo and danny being bro and sis i hadnt thought of that. I dont think Danny killed his aunt i think he is covering for someone or if he did i think maybe his aunt wa abusing him. that would explain why he got rid of the pictures of her. there is something about her death we dont know. I also wonder if his dad is really dead.

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