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  • really need season 2!!!

    i want to know who gets shot a the end of the season.

    run a second season of twisted please

    That left us with so many unanswered questions! How dare ABC Family cancel Twisted! We need a season 2! I read somewhere that if they get good reviews for Twisted they might make a season 2! Please make a season 2!!!

    NO! I can't believe they cancelled twisted. I read somewhere that they might make a season 2 if the show gets good fan reviews! There is hope yet.
  • bummed

    Very disappointed to find out there wouldn't be a season 2. Bad decision!
  • WHY... WHY... WHY!!!

    I'm so sad this show didn't get a season 2 renewal
  • Oh no they didnt ....

    I thought I was going to like this show but was left disappointed . Casting was not very good and acting was teenager HS show . They chicken out with making the show as poor victim takes the rap . Instead of keep on leaving the audience guessing is he a psychopath or not . I enjoyed Little Liars and I don't see why they didn't take as much time for picking the cast as they did on Little Liars . .
  • Twisted from adriana grenot

    Twisted is amazing show I love this show so much I have to know when its coming back to . please keep the show airing the cast is amazing I want to see whats going to happen with danny and jo and I really want to see what will happen with jo and charile please dont leave us hanging its amazing show it rocks!:)
  • oh my god

    serousily i am so shocked at this love this show and i agreed it really needs to come back definitly with that cliff love cliff hangers but i hate it when shows end on one and never come its not fair on the people that do watch it even if your ratings aint harder enough u should still carry on and sell them on dvds or do not end it like this theres to many shows that have ended because of ratings and like i said its so not fair on the other 100's of people that love this show so i am begging u please let it come back.

    Im a member of the uk and i love this program, and me and all my friends have got propper addicted to TWISTED, so if it dosent come back on i will cry. it better had come back on because it cant just stop on that because its a propper cliff hanger. And all cliff hangers need to be resolved!! It would mean alot for us down in the UK for this to be televised again, as it is a program to entertain us and everyone knows how bad British tv is, and it just got better with Twisted being around for us to watch. so yeah bring it back, thanks!

    I love this show, always keeps me on the edge of my seat! Except I had a feeling it was either Jack or Charlie that altered Vikram's body from the for another season so for all those who haven't rated yet please do so Fin ally glad to see that Jo & Danny are finally going to be a couple perhaps?!!!
  • Sneaky!

    I thought the idea for the show was interesting enough to try it out and for a while it was reasonably okay television. That is, until the reveal that Danny did'nt kill his Aunt. A discussion was generated in the Communities as to whether this would ruin the show, I thought it was too early to tell. Two episodes later however, and I have opted to relegate this to my 'Shows I Gave Up On' list. Why? Well, as of last night's episode - 'The Son Also Falls' I kinda feel that I've been conned into watching just another teen, angst drama and I'd rather stay on land than sail away on any ship with Danny and his awful hair at the helm. But most of all it clued me into the fact that the question of whether Danny is a good/bad guy will continue to be the main theme of the show and its bedrock for creating all this teen angst. Sorry but I just can't stick around to watch this anymore.
  • Seen it all before

    I just started following this show and i have to admit i liked the drama, but it looks like i have seen this already. It reminded me of Pretty little liars too much that at points i thought A was going to jump out of nowhere. I felt even the characters were quite similar especially Jo.

    The love triangle relationship thing, is what at the end triumphs in stories like these. The fixation on one character suffering more is heart breaking but it makes it all worth watching it.

    I have to say that even though i had my doubts at first and still will, over all it was not such a bad show. looking forward to find out who killed who and what happened in general. So im intrigued.
  • It would appear Dannys dad is alive

    I think Danny's dad and Jo's mom had, have a affair, I think he faked his death to find something out, the lady that is the cop, is the one who killed Regina. Jo's mom know's allot more than she is saying and she is OK with Danny because she know's something. I'm not sure Danny even killed the aunt. At first I thought Lacy's boyfriend killed Regina because of a affair they had been having, but then the cop showed up and mysteriously the weapon and why did the necklace mean so much to Danny. And who ever was getting blackmailed by Regina why did they have access to the Co. that Danny's dad owned
  • writers could try harder

    Great show except for this fixation on Jo. It looks like the writers don't really care if Danny suffers - don't even make me start on Lacey, they don't even bother to work on this character - but they always worry about Jo. How will she feel, what will she think? And they make all other characters jump around her. Uh, enough already. There are supposed to be three main characters, right? Not just one 'awkward yet so brilliant girl'. Enough of those cliches.
  • video of lacey

    I just watched the last episide. They are being coy about what exactly the video contains BUT if that video contains any sex then what they are showing is a serious offense. Sending any media with under age people in a state of undress is a federal offense to both take and send via electronic media. Both the kid that took the video and the girl who sent it are now sex offenders for the rest of their life. Then look up the restrictions for that, they aren't allowed within a restricted area that contains any schools or any other child based institute. I really hope this topic is handled properly it isnt trivial. Kids these days who think they can send anything on line do not realize they are in danger of becoming sex offenders.
  • wonderful show

    it is a great show, the mystery and suspense leaves people wanting more, however adjustments are needed in some scenes to make it better. The actors and upcoming actors are splendid, they make the show worth watching. I think Jo and Danny are fit for each other
  • Great show

    Great show! I was bit apprehensive, since it plays next to pretty little liars a show I cannot stand. I love the show great actors and soon to be rising stars. I just wish Danny interested in Jo.
  • So basically, here is my opinion

    Danny & Jo are half brother/sister.

    His aunt Tara despising his father wanted to tell the truth to destroy him (the father),

    Danny wanted to protect his family and his best friend Jo (from a future divorce of her parents and a life

    That's why in his 11 years old 's head he decided to kill the solve the problem.

    Regina knowing this (don't know how) blackmailed the father.

    Don't know if the father is really dead or faked it,

    If he faked it, he probably killed Regina, but why send the last installment if he killed her later.
  • A Little Disappointed...

    I had high expectations for this show since it has the same producers from Pretty Little Liars. This show is not horrible, but it is a watered-down knock off to PLL. So far it is not that suspenseful or "twisted" as I thought it would be. But I'll keep watching until the season ends and hopefully it will get better because it definitely has potential.
  • Keep the show , its good

    I really like the show. As well as The Fosters. You should keep these shows and give it a season 2. Their really good , its really annoying when they keep cancelling good shows. My summer is only have fun because of these shows one !! KEEP IT ,
  • Good but needs some work

    The show is pretty good, but one of my least favourites on abc spark. Denise Richards was a mistake on this show. She's just not a good actress and it takes away from the show.
  • Intriguing!

    While I wouldn't say it is as intriguing as PLLs, I think it has potential to get there. Curious to see what happens. I think the show will constantly keep the audience guessing as to Danny's true mental state and after the ending I know I'm hooked. Lets hope they keep it interesting!
  • Twisted 1.0 Pilot

    Looking forward to see more of this show.
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