Twitch City

CBC (ended 2000)





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  • Brilliantly Unusual

    I managed to recently catch a few episodes of this programs thanks to a friends tapes. I have to say I have never seen anything quite like this program. A weird hybrid of drama, crazy comedy and black comedy. All the actors play their parts well, and seem to really enjoy what they are doing. There is always something odd happening (in the first episode, most of the way through he was watching a program about sons sleeping with their mothers).
    All in all this is a very strong show. Not everyones taste though.
    And I think this should definatly be released on DVD very soon!
  • Brilliant

    Okay, so I actually started watching this show with my best friend only because we're both huge fans of the group Sloan, and we found out that they had a cameo in one episode (Klan Bake). We watched it each week to see when "their" episode would be on, and found ourselves becoming fond of the show. I really would love to see it on DVD. Long live Don McKellar!