Two and a Half Men

Season 2 Episode 3

A Bag Full of Jawea

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2004 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie tries to save Jake from school suspension for giving his teacher the finger by romancing her, but his attempts fail every time.

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  • Another thrilling episode of the show. But can Charlie ever date enough women?

    Probably a little more exciting than the previous episode because of the plot. This one focussed on Charlie and Jake's teacher Miss Pasternak and in which they met because Jake gave his teacher the bird while she was writing on the board. Yeah, Jake and Charlie were hilarious throughout this episode, even Berta. "Good morning you goofy clueless bastard!" said Berta, lol.

    I recommend this episode for those wanting a good laugh from one of Charlie's dates. It was hilarious and plotted out well. Not a best episode for the top ten, but it was sure the series classic. Overall, the first three episodes of this season have been funny and plotted out well but I've seen better (from the first season). Still very impressive though. I wonder what will happen as the season goes by?... lolmoreless

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    • Charlie: (to Miss Pasternak) I gotta tell 'ya, my weirdness bar for chicks is pretty high, but you are clearing it in street shoes.

    • Miss Pasternak: Do you think he'll be okay?
      Charlie: Sure, he's just not used to seeing his teacher out of the classroom... and her pants.

    • Charlie: Oh, Miss Pasternak...
      Miss Pasternak: How come you never call me by my first name?
      Charlie: I don't know, this just seems way hotter.

    • Miss Pasternak: Jake, I'm only your teacher from 8:15 to three o'clock. After that I'm just a person like anybody else.
      Jake: (to Charlie) This is more wrong than the time I saw Santa peeing at the mall.

    • Jake: Uncle Charlie, I had a bad dream. (Jake discovers Miss Pasternak in the kitchen without pants) And it's getting weirder!
      Charlie: Buddy, why aren't you asleep?
      Jake: I'm hoping I am.
      Miss Pasternak: Hello, Jake.
      Charlie: Listen, buddy, Miss Pasternak and I are kind of having a sleepover because we're like, you know, friends.
      Jake: No way!

    • Miss Pasternak: (regarding Jake giving his teacher the bird) I was writing on the board, and he thought I couldn't see him.
      Alan: Is this true?
      Jake: Yeah, I really thought she couldn't see me.

    • Judith: Hold on, what is he doing here? (pointing at Charlie)
      Alan: Well, my car's in the shop, and Charlie was nice enough to give me a ride.
      Charlie: No, Charlie was nice enough to call you a cab, but you wouldn't take it.

    • Rose: Yeah, I do mate for life. I'm like a penguin that way, plus I like to slide across the ice on my belly.

    • Alan: Morning, Berta.
      Berta: Morning, you goofy, clueless bastard.
      Alan: Nice to see her in a pleasant mood for a change.

    • (reading Jake's test answers)
      Charlie: "What is Sacajawea? A bag full of Jawea?"

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Ich bin ein Schmetterling", meaning "I Am a Butterfly". The French title is "Une maîtresse pas comme les autres", meaning "A Mistress not like the Others". The Italian title is "Leggere tra le righe", meaning "Read Between the Lines". The Spanish title is "Una Bolsa Llena de Nada", meaning "A Bag Full of Nothing".

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #122.

    • This episode features the other intro which was used during the "Hey, I Can Pee Outside in the Dark" episode from season one, where the show's three main characters are "singing" the show's theme song.