Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 5

A Giant Cat Holding a Churro

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2011 on CBS

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    This episode was absolutely horrible. We are talking worst of the season. According to Jim bad.

    I don't even know where to start with the show. They're not even attempting to come up with clever storylines, or even trying to write good jokes anymore. They just think humiliating Alan every week will be funny, and so far it has not translated in the way they had hoped.

    Two thumbs way down for this one. Just weak beyond belief.

  • The Best Episode of This Season...


    This episode was just so funny i see this show is getting better by each episode but last weeks episode wasdisappointing. At last we see a glimpse of the porn movie that Lindsay was in and we seeAlan'sreaction i just don't know how he couldn't recognize her at first, is he blind or something. We get to see Walden slowly turning into Charlie and i hope that happens soon cuz the show will be amazing with Ashton like that drinking and partying and sleeping around with women. The only downside to this episode that there is no Jake and i get a feeling that theydon'tuse Jake anymore he was in one episode and the rest of the episodes for like 1 second and then disappears and wedidn'tget to see Jake dropping out of High School by blackmailing his mother. If anyone of you guys agree with me just Thumb me Up and if you disagree Thumb me Down.

  • I gotta say... this was the BEST episode of the season so far.


    I gotta say... this was the BEST episode of the season so far.I laughed... laughed... and could not stop laughing.

    The only disappointment, was.... no Jake... he would have been great here.

    Alan saw an adult film of "young"Lyndsey. Hurt, that she hadn't told him about it, he confronted her and they decided to both come clean to each other about things they are ashamed of and kept it a secret. Alan insisted on going 1st... he spoke of an incident when Charlie convinced him to feed their dog by putting peanut butter on his penis... LOL! ROFL!. He then mentioned about the pair of earrings he stole from Judith and gave to her as a gift last year... LOL... Alan you shouldn't have done that... BAM! she kicked him out and slammed the door.... yes Alan you shouldn't have gone 1st... LOL! ROFL!

    Berta: "Alan... the only time you be completely honest is when the paramedic ask you... what did you take?" LOL.... I gotta tell you... this was so FUNNY.

    Later, Walden kept a party with some hot girls he found on the beach to try and make Alan feel better.... they were all STONED from Berta's brownies (weed cake). Alan (partying in only his underwear), had the hotties eating from his body (belly)).

    Lyndsey then came by later to apologize to Alan for earlier. Walden, stoned, threw Alan off the deck and told Lyndsey he wasn't there.

    Alan then later went by her home.Lyndsey: "By the way where were you when i came over to the house?"Alan: "Well... honesty right?"Lyndsey: "right..."BAM!she kicked him out and slammed the door again.... LOL! ROFL! LMFAO!

    Alan... are you deaf!!!..... no honesty!!!!

  • I couldn't stop laughing :D LOL


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Two and a Half Men". My aunt watched this episode (it's her first "Two and a Half Men" episode with Ashton Kutcher) with me and we both laughed very hard. My aunt told me how this show will never be the same without Charlie Sheen because she likes to watch this show just like me and I agree with you BUT she and I both agree that this show can still funny with Ashton Kutcher as the replacement for Charlie Sheen. The storyline to this episode was very good and I loved how there were a few callbacks from the past "Two and a Half Men" episodes such as when Alan confessed to Lyndsay about those diamond earrings he got for her birthday last year (a.k.a. Season 8) and that they were stolen plus a few more. Berta's part in this episode was definitely hilarious. Alan and Walden watching some adult film that Lyndsay did when she was younger was so funny. Walden throwing his party to cheer up Alan was so freakin' funny. Oh my gosh, Walden throwing Alan off the beach house so Lyndsay doesn't know how those bikini girls putting ice cream on Alan (that part also made me laugh). Alan being covered in cement definitely made both me and my aunt clap and laugh hard til we cried. Overall, this is seriously one of the funniest Season 9 episodes I've ever seen. 10/10

  • Actually quite fair this time...


    I really thought that this episode wasn't as bad as the others. The whole 'hash brownies' scene with Berta, Walden & Alan was quite funny, plus the party was actually fun to watch.

    But that's about it, the whole Alan/Lindsey-storyline was boring again, plus Jake wasn't in this episode at all. They is still way too much that they are doing wrong, if they can't fix it, the show is getting more lost than it already is.

  • 10/17


    Tonight's episode was fairly entertaining at times, although Walden is still worthless and over the top slapstick/goofball gags are the only hope we have of ever get laughs out of him. The writers appear aware of this too, since it seems each episode brings less normal dialogue by Walden and more of the above. No Jake tonight either. Ever since the midway point of last season he's been a ghost, but I'm not too upset since whenever they do get him involved it's rarely worth watching.

    I really hope this is the end of Lindsey. She's not funny at all. Her resentment for Alan was mildly amusing at first, now those scenes just drag and border on uncomfortable. Maybe bring Melissa (again), she's a good character and is great comedy fodder for other characters on the show.

    My optimism for the show's future hasn't changed much, but this one was an improvement on what we've been getting.