Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 5

A Live Woman of Proven Fertility

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • Alan sunk really low!

    When he finds out that Judith is planning to marry Herb, which means he won't have to pay alimony anymore to her. However, that joy is short lived when he finds out that Jake doesn't want Herb as a dad because he already has a dad. Judith said that she won't marry Herb until Jake adjusts to the idea. Jake says they'll never get married because he'll never adjust. Alan desperately wants to get out of paying alimony that he resorts to demean himself by saying,"Jake, you can do better than me," which is actually true as Charlie puts it. Alan even admits that he's not real doctor, but Herb is. And all through the show, Alan has been mocked that he isn't a real doctor, even though he believes himself to be. But technically a chiropractor isn't a doctor. So Herb makes more money(which could be why Judith's marrying him) and can buy Jake better gifts.

    Then when Herb says he and Judith are thinking about holding off the wedding for a while, Alan tries to convince Herb to run off to Vegas and marry Judith because marriage can't wait. Herb says that he's not ready just yet to get married and be a stepfather. He has to get used to it. Alan says that Herb doesn't need to get used to the idea. Alan says that Herb doesn't need time, he'll get the hang of it right away. But of course, we know Alan's doing this because he wants to get out of paying alimony as soon as possible. Alan has got a lot of nerve to try and pull a stunt like that!

    It would've been good if this happened;

    Judith: What's going on?

    Herb: Oh, nothing. Just that Alan was telling me that we just go to Vegas and elope, instead of waiting a while till I'm ready. He also said that I don't need time to adjust being Jake's stepfather.

    Alan:(holding his hands up at Herb) Shh! Shh!

    Herb: I don't get it. Why would Alan say that?

    Judith: (sarcastically) I don't know. You wouldn't happen to have an alterior motive behind that, would you Alan?(grabbing Alan's ear)

    Alan: OW! Me? No. I perish the thought. I'm just trying to make you and Jake happy. Right, Charlie?

    Charlie: Well, his motive is about becoming happy.

    Judith: It's okay, Herb. You take all the time you need. (looks at Alan and smiles sarcastically) I'm in no hurry to get REMARRIED.

    Herb: Thanks, honey. Thanks for the advice, Alan but I think I'm gonna do what Judith says and take it slow.

    Alan looks like he's going to cry.

    Charlie: Well, Alan, you've just proved that there is such a thing as trying too hard.

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