Two and a Half Men

Season 1 Episode 18

An Old Flame With a New Wick

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2004 on CBS

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    This is one of the first times I have watch 2 1/2 Men, and I thought to myself, why not start with the highest rated episode on as of today's date. The episode was pretty good, and I got a couple laughs in. But I thought if this is the best episode of this show? I can't imagine the quality of the rest of the episodes, since this episode was just good, not superb or anything.

    Regardless of my doubts about this show, I really enjoyed this episode. From the surprising sex change, one of Charlie's old girlfriends becomes a man, to him dating Charlie's mother. The whole thing was ridiculously funny, which is probably why this episode did so good in the ratings.

    Overall a good episode that was funny at times, I guess I just expected more from the best episode of