Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 23

Anteaters. They're Just Crazy-lookin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Charlie vs a young man...

    This episode is really funny.

    After falling from a deck, Charlie hires a handyman to fix it. This handyman starts attracting Judith, Berta and Charlie's latest girlfriend Chloe. This makes Charlie jelous... Season 4 is a great season, and this episode is really funny. The episode is so great. Jake was funny saying all that stuff about animals, Charlie and his jelousy was hilarous, and that the handyman starts attracting Berta was the best! Berta was so funny, and at the end (after Charlie firing him) the handyman ends up working for Berta at her home, with no windows and a bunch of heat in the air!
  • Enrique Iglesias guests.

    These are the kind of episodes that make you appreciate the really good days. The show was in a transition phase right now and was really searching for its identity, trying to figure out how to use the supporting cast and how much is overkill. Thankfully they realized that Berta and Judith's roles should be diminished and that Evelyn should appear in just about every episode.

    Two and a Half Men has also deemphasized guest appearances and put the spotlight back on the main cast. For some shows that doesn't work, but for 2.5 Men, we can listen to Charlie and Alan bicker for 9 seasons with no complaints.

    The episode had its moments, but I would hardly call it stellar.
  • This show of Two And A Half Men is Hilarious with Charlie gewtting jealous and Jake talking about animals.

    This episode is "Hilarious". When Charlie falls off the deck, Alan decides to get a handyman to fix it who attracts Berta,Judith and the girl Charlie slept with a few nights before which irratates Charlie and makes him jealous and angry. Charlie plays a song on his piano and says that he hasn't put any words to it yet but when he starts playing it the handyman starts putting words to it and singing it, which makes Charlie confused about what the Handyman can do to attract women. Also Charlie's jealousy doesn't end up working cause she sleeps with the Handyman
  • A bit too much

    This episode is a bit too over-the-top but still very funny.

    Again this revolves around Charlie being too old and losing his touch which is a story line they've done to death.

    A handyman comes to fix his deck and Charlie can't seem to compete.

    The episode is funny and has some great moments, the ending is brilliant when Charlie starts to fight his corner against his handyman (Enrique Iglesias). It's just not original any more. The story feels as though it was written around their "special guest" and is made to show him in as good light and as much as possible. That's great but when the story starts to suffer for it, that's bad.

    I enjoyed the episode but Jake, Evelyn and Alan need to be featured more.
  • Charlie meets his match - or has he?

    This episode was a very good one, although not one of my favorites of this season. I think that the story had potential to be one of the best episodes, but unfortunately, it was the little things that didn't come together. This is not to say that the episode was bad - it just wasn't one of my favorites. But as I usually say, one of 'Two and a Half Men's' worst episodes is better than any other sitcom's best episodes.

    Basically this episode revolved around the idea that Charlie loses a girl to a young, handsome handyman who is working at his house. But at the end, Charlie pulls out the victor. Berta, as always, does an excellent job with any dialog and screen time she has - as does Jake. But this episode lacked a fair amount of screen time for Alan, who, more and more, steals a lot of the scenes he is in. I find it hard to believe that he is never considered by critics as a 'leading' character. Don't quite understand that one. All in all, good entertainment, but not a 'superb' episode.