Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 20

Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Charlie wakes up the next morning snuggling with Myra. She asks him if he was thinking about gnawing off his arm, he laughs. They discuss exit strategies for getting out of the morning after situations.

Meanwhile, Jake is downstairs complaining to his dad that Aunt Myra did not sleep in his room, so why he can't sleep in there. Alan tells Jake do not worry about who is sleeping in his bed. Jake continues this discussion when Berta comes in. Charlie enters the kitchen and is asked where Myra is and he states that she must still be asleep in Jake's bed. Alan tells him that no one is buying that one.

Alan takes Charlie out on the deck to discuss the situation. Alan points out that when Charlie has sex with women that are connected to him it leaves a bad after effect. Charlie tells him that he had more sex on his (Alan's) wedding day than he did, mostly because Charlie was caught in the coat closet with Judith's sister. Then Charlie slept with his divorce attorney, made her mad and Alan lost everything. And now that he is finally getting rid of Judith, Charlie has to start up with her future sister-in-law. Alan states that he is now trying to figure out how Charlie's penis is going to bite him in the ass this time.

Alan takes Jake to get fitted for his tuxedo and they discuss what effect Judith's marriage will have on Jake. Jake wants to get a little blue tux.

Later at dinner, Alan asks about Charlie and Myra's day and Jake shows up wearing his tux. Alan notes that Jake needs to be careful and not get anything on it. Myra asks Charlie to be her date to the wedding and Alan nearly chokes on his food. Charlie initially says no and then Myra tells him to think of Judith's face and he agrees. Jake got spaghetti and sauce on his shirt.

Myra calls Herb to tell him she wants to bring Charlie to the wedding and she tells Herb that if she won't come with out Charlie. Myra hangs up and looks at Alan, "See it is fine". The house phone rings and Alan answers, "Hi, Judith" there is a slight pause" Really, a problem?" Alan begins arguing with Judith on the phone. In the kitchen, Berta is cautioning Charlie about going to a wedding with a girl he is seeing. She also notes that he has a knack for screwing things up. Jake is sitting on the couch in the TV area off the kitchen, eating nachos, which he spills on the front of his shirt.

Charlie heads upstairs to see Myra and Alan, tells him that he is not going to the wedding. Alan picks up the phone and calls Judith back with the good news. Charlie talks to Myra and she convinces him to go to the wedding. Charlie comes downstairs just as Alan is hanging up the phone and tells him he is going to the wedding.

Alan is cleaning the wax off Jake's pants, as he was lighting his farts. Alan tells Charlie and Myra to go ahead. Alan notices that he has something on his jacket. Jake licks the spot and states, "Pudding".

Charlie and Myra come out of the coat room discussing that they each had sex at the first weddings of these two. Herb comes up and notes that one of his groomsmen was not going to make it and that Myra was going to have to walk down the aisle with Uncle Fred. She suggests Charlie who states that he is just spectator. Myra tells Charlie to think about Judith's face when she sees Charlie at the alter. Charlie agrees.

Alan drops Jake off at the church with Herb and congratulates him. He mentioned to Herb not make the same mistakes he did. Herb notes that he won't, because Judith has made him a list. As Alan goes to leave the church, he runs into Herb's ex-girlfriend and they flirt with each other.

The wedding starts with everyone walking down the aisle. As they reach the front of the church, Myra tells Charlie that she has a boyfriend/fiancé and she is flying home tonight. Charlie is shell shocked and is whispering across the front of the church to Myra as Judith approaches. Judith pauses for a moment to stare at Charlie in the wedding party and then continues to the alter. Alan and Herb's ex are in the coat room and Alan states that they really can't do this. She responses that yes they can and she is doing it with or without him.

Back in the coat room Alan is frantically trying to get out of the room and the ex is blocking the door, screaming that she is having sex with him. Alan barges into the chapel and announces" I'm Alan Harper and I'm not having sex".

Alan is sitting in the living room in the dark, when Charlie and Jake get home. Charlie notes that the reception was kinda a let down after the ceremony and that Alan outburst has already made it to You tube. Jake tells his dad that his mother is mad and Alan notes that she might as well start off this marriage the same way she did the last one, mad at him. Alan asks Charlie about Myra and he tells him how he was used, and might have been karma.
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