Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 20

Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Has Charlie met his match?

    First off I have to say that while this episode was great, I actually liked the first part better. First, the sub-plots between Jake and Alan were hilarious, especially Alan's vained attempts to keep Jake's tuxedo clean. I also liked the scene where Berta hands Charlie his suit and says the cleaners found 46 dollars and a condom in it, but she just hands him the condom!! I did not like the scene with Alan and the woman in the closet. It seemed a little forced. (I just wonder why Alan didn't just give in to the woman?) The best scenes by far were with Charlie and Myra. He really thought he had something with Myra, but she pretty much used him for sex. (She actually was engaged back home!) And I like Alan's ex-wife's look when she saw Charlie as a fill-in for one of the groomsmen. The tag in the end was hilarious, particularly Jake's "offering" to a depressed Charlie and an embarassed Alan.
  • The perfect episode of Two and a Half Men.

    This was the best episode of Season Four, and a serious contender for the best episode of the entire series. I am an avid fan of this show, and I found that this episode encompassed all the ingredients for a wonderful 30 minutes of television (minus the commercials, of course).

    Alan is finally going to be free of paying alimony to Judith, as she prepares to marry Herb. Herb's sister Myra is a bridesmaid, and does not get along well with Judith. This leads to Myra spending the night over at Charlie's house. For anyone who follows this show, the inevitable happens. Charlie and Myra share an intimate night together and Charlie ends up being Myra's date for Judith's wedding. Jake, Berta, Charlie and especially Alan are all in top form. The writing is marvelous. Alan's tirade when he leans into Charlie about how Charlie's sexual proclivities always end up 'biting him (Alan) in the ass' is perhaps the funniest scene in the series. A fantastic, perfect episode.
  • Judith's wedding is one to never forget... Good ridance, and a very great episode!

    Awesome pretty much.
    Charlie and his relationship with Myra turned to dust when she told him that she was playing him along. She has like a finance according to her words. Poor Charlie, and this time he got beaten by someone he thought would be worthy! Lol, rofl.
    The wedding was hilarious and one where I could finally laugh out loud because I saw something worth laughing about. It was very great and well done. Each episode that comes seems to be better than the one before.
    This episode was still not quite as strong as a Season 1 or 2 episode but it was definitely up there for humor AND storylines. Finally, Charlie had his anger on Myra in the wedding which made Judith angry. Herb is a great guy with humor lol, he'll be good for Judith in a way that they'll love and bicker 24/7.
    The best scene which was probably everyone's favorite was that ex-husband of Herb wanting to hook up with Alan and have sex. He declined, which pissed off the blondie. "Alan Harper you animal! DON'T stop Alan Harper". Lol, the funniest moments of anything. Who could ever for life and death forget Judith's wedding episode? This one. "Aunt Myra doesn't Pee a lot".

    So it was very well done in the plot and for the humor. The episodes are getting more impressive as they go along.
  • has charley found someone? not!

    One of the funniest episodes I ahve seen, it looked like charley found someone to settle with and this would drive Judith up the wall, but in the end he found someone just like him find em feel em take em to bed and then forget them. (decorum does not allow the true 3rd one to be used.)What a great choice of actors to play judith's new abuse victim he was great in drew carey's two shows and seem like the perfect patsy for judith. Alan is happy that he will finally be rid of Juditha nd as we saw in this episode did everything in his powers to have the wedding continue. As for alan's son a few episodes ago it looks like he was growing up but the little kid is back with his eating spaghetti in the tux. great show.
  • Charlie finally meets his match

    Charlie finally meets a woman who challenges even him and manages to hurt him instead of the usual other way round.

    Myra is the sister of Herb - Judith's new husband.

    The story between Charlie and Myra is well written and those who were fans of Mia will enjoy this episode as Charlie begins to fall in love but discovers even he can't compete with this woman.

    The other sub plots with Alan and Jake are not as amusing and could have been much better. They were nothing special but funny nonetheless.

    Although this one isn't as funny as "Smooth as a Ken Doll" it is still one of my favourites from the current series.
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