Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 15

Aye, Aye, Captain (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • What should've also happened in this episode.

    What should've happened at the end or near the end of this episode:

    Alan is on another date with another woman he met online and he is boring her with the same kind of talk he was in the previous episode. Then a big, handsome man comes up to her and starts flirting with her and Alan tells him to go away because she's with him but the guy ignores Alan and continues to flirt with him. Then this is said;

    Man: Wanna ditch Mr. Deuche, here and get a drink with me?

    Woman: (smiling and giggling) Okay.

    Alan: Alright, that is it! This is your last warning to leave because I should tell you that there is a monster deep inside of me and you do not want to wake him up!

    Man: Ohh! I'm so scared! What's going to happen if he wakes up? Are you supposed to turn all big and green and tear up those cheap department store clothes of yours?

    Alan: Uh, no. And these are not cheap department store clothes.

    Woman:(to the man) He's lying.

    Man: (pushes Alan aside) Get lost, loser. (to the woman) How 'bout later we go to my place?

    Woman(smiling) Sure!

    Alan:(to the man) You were warned, pal!(punches the man like he did the first one)

    The man does not fall over, though. Alan has only punched his head sideways. The man is built like the terminator. The man turns his head toward Alan and has angry look in his eyes.

    Alan:(his eyes opened wide with fear) Oh crap.

    Man:(grabs Alan) You know, I think there's also a monster inside of me that I think you've just woken up. This monster is hoping that you've got good medical insurance, buddy!

    Alan: (gagging) I don't!

    The picture goes black and we here a lot punching and hitting and Alan crying out in pain. We then see Charlie sitting by the telephone drinking. The phone rings but Charlie doesn't answer it, the answering machine starts and we hear Alan saying that he's in jail, again and he needs Charlie to bail him out. When the message ends, Charlie just pours another drink as if he didn't even hear the message. Then it's the next day and Charlie walks through the door and Alan follows. Alan has bandages and bruises all over.

    Alan: I can not believe you waited this long AGAIN, to bail your own brother out!

    Charlie: Alan, Chelsea may be leaving me. I'm in a delicate situation here, it's hard to concentrate on something that's less important.

    Alan: I'm less important?

    Charlie: Chelsea's brought me happiness and love. What have you brought me?

    Alan: Still, I don't see why I had to be the one to get arrested. That man beat me half to death and yet, he's the victim?

    Charlie: Well, you threw the first punch so technically YOU assaulted HIM and what he was doing was only self defense.

    Alan: What he did to me was self defense?!

    Charlie: Maybe he heard about how you sent that other guy, you punched to the emergency room and didn't want to take any chances(then gestures in a mocking way) with the so-called monster inside of you.

    Alan: (looking insulted) You know if I wasn't so banged up, you'd be dealing with the monster right now.
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