Two and a Half Men

Season 2 Episode 1

Back Off Mary Poppins

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2004 on CBS

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  • Two and a half men is back in a brand new season, and in this episode was great!

    Two and a half men is back in the new season, and in it was great!

    Great to see Two and a half men back for a brand new season. Really, I can already sense that this new series will beat and own the first season. It shall be funnier, more hilarious and better plotted out. It was great, meaning the very opening scene with Jake, Charlie and Alan sitting on the couch watching TV. It's the sign that the show has returned after a long break.

    Now, we can see how important being supportive of one another is vital. Charlie has his support group over where they discussed personal emotions and opinions. I liked the 'car' scene where Rose starting beeping the horn but Alan didn't like it.

    Charlie ended up inviting Alan into the support group where the two of them expressed their feelings of brother hood to one another. The rest of the group just listened during this time. In conclusion, the group tied Alan to a pole in the middle of town. I cannot believe that Charlie (beeing his older brother and all) would do that to him! Just because he's a little annoying or "not fitting in".

    Despite, it was a very impressive beginning to the new season and has shown how Men can really bring along more viewers. I would not really rate this episode as being really funny but for a premiere, the storyline sure was a great anf unforgettable one. Thumbs up for the new season...
  • back off mary poppins

    "Charlie, this is a support group. You're the only one who pretends it isn't."

    While he was essentially just sitting there drinking and smoking, it is still a big deal to get Sean Penn on a sitcom, and for him to humiliate himself the way he does here. Elvis Costello and Harry Dean Stanton were two big scores here as well. The episode was pretty funny. Both Charlie and Alan were great here, and thankfully there was nothing too absurd here. A fast-moving, witty installment, I just could do without all of the diarrhea and bran jokes Chuck Lorre loves to include.