Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 24

Baseball Was Better with Steroids

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • A great ending to a mediocre Season. Alan attempts to write a screenplay, and Charlie and Chelsea's relationship takes a twist of maturity, and history.

    A few seasons ago, Charlie nearly settled down and got married in Vegas to Mia. After attempting to throw Alan out, Charlie dropped Mia, just for Alan to move out with Candy, and soon move back in.

    In Season 6, Charlies settling down again with Chelsea. A witty and pretty girl who puts Charlie in his place, and doesnt listen to everything he says.

    Their relationship continues in this episode, when Charlie gets a refusal for sex, because their relationship is maturing.

    Alan bumps into Mia in the coffee shop, and she asks about Charlie, perhaps suggesting she is after him.

    Charlie wonders whether Mia is after him, and starts to question his commitment to Chelsea. I havent been a very fond fan of Chelsea. She doesnt fall under the class of women Charlie would date. Shes sexy and she plays along with that characteristic because she knows Charlie likes that, however she is very controlling and bossy, and has affected Charlie's character.

    Mia's return shall shake up the show. Charlie has clearly shown he still has feelings for Mia, and Chelsea will not be happy with this. She is a very smart and stern woman, and she will latch onto this situation, and make Charlie's life hell. Mia may have to fight Chelsea to get to Charlie, but Charlie would happily let Mia in. I think that Season 7 will be very interesting in terms of what happens. Not only do we have the Charlie-Chelsea-Mia Love Triangle, which will be chaos, but also Judith has just had another baby, which could be Alans. This will be trouble for Alan, who has Herb to deal with if he discovers that the childs DNA is with Alan. Well... I write that but it is not guaranteed just yet. That will be discovered soon enough.

    I think the choice to have Judith pregnant was to bring a new character into the show. A new Jake. Male or Female. Jake lost his cuteness around Season 5, but definately in Season 6. His toilet humour and weight issue jokes are no longer amusing. His maturity means he must now involve himself with women, which Jake doesnt pull off effectively. This new character will restore the cuteness and innocence of a child who doesnt understand the grown-up world that everybody lives in at the Beach House.

    I think that will be another reason why Season 7 will be more interesting. Obviously whilst the child is a baby it wont be as amusing, but I'm certain we'll jump several years into the future for the sake of the child growing up. Preferably this will happen after several episodes of Season 7.

    Alan also reunited with his old Receptionist Melissa in this episode. It made one thing clear. Alan has met "the one". Alan has never had his way with women. His love life has been unsuccessful with his creepy obsessive personality and the fact that he's practically gay - apart from he's not... his drive for women is his only masculine feature. Melissa accepts Alan for who he is, and cannot be separated from him. I think this suggests that Melissa is probably going to end up with Alan unless he does something else terrible, like be the Father of Judiths new baby!!!

    It's all kicking off in this series. Everything has just hit a high and there's going to be some good scenes in the future.

    Keep your eye on episodes following this one. And this episode was fantastic. I've noticed it's recieved mixed reviews, but compared to most episodes this season, it has been tremendous! And it has its usual chaotic finale moments where almost every character gets brought together. The uniting of everybody reminds you of everything that occurs in this series, and why it is so fantastic. I think this series has several seasons left in it, and I cannot wait for the next one in particular.
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