Two and a Half Men

Season 10 Episode 20

Bazinga! That's From a TV Show

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • A little too out there

    This episode was just ok to me. It was a little out there. I mean I liked seeing Jake have a relationship with Ashley since they're both in the same age bracket but then she dumps him for that man who is middle aged because he offers her a diamond ring and a car. That is a little too out there to be believable. I always thought that Alan would be the only one to have trouble with woman/girls. Alan says it's the curse of Harpers, they always have a good thing going but manage to screw it up. Well, can't argue with that. Alan always screwed things up with women, amazing that Lyndsey's still with him but it's probably because she's just as desperate as he is. Charlie screwed things up always too but always was able to find another woman quite easily. Jake should find someone. But Jake does seem to screw up relationships too. FINALLY, a shred of proof that he's ALAN'S! I did find it interesting at the end that Walden and Tammy are starting a relationship. Who knows where that could go. I wonder if Rose will intervene with this too. After all, she's already keeping Zooey and Kate out of Walden's life, is she going to try to keep Tammy out, too?
  • Bazinga

    I've had better. bazinga! Good stuff. Very entertaining
  • Utter dissapointment

    While Two and a Half Men has definitely improved this season and has gained a significant audience the last year, this episode really makes me question all of that. Though it's probably not the epic disaster that I had originally made it out to be, it still fell well below my overall expectations to say the least. The guest stars were flat out unlikeable, the plot was dull, and the fact that they tried to space it out within one night made it even worse. As a result, I really felt like this was rushed out the door just to keep fans satisfied. I know for a fact that the show is capable of doing better and I definitely expect that for the future.
  • Tattoos, Who was the "mother", with all the tattoos.




    The women/actress who played the Mother?


    She has lots and lots of Tattoos. Real?


    I have seen her before, but I can not recall her name.


    I would like to know more about her.


    Are the tattoos real?


    Is she a "suicide girl"?



  • Good episode

    Was very funny, grow a sense of humour Daniel