Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 7

Best H.O. Money Can Buy (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on CBS

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  • As a continuation of the previous episode, Alan and Judith continue to date, although Alan isn't happy with being back with Judith! Meanwhile, Herb is trying to take up a Bachelor life with Charlie after being thrown out by Judith.

    This was a well written episode. It's one of those episodes that has some excitement due to the possibility of affecting the future of the series.

    Since Season 1, I've been hungry to see Alan and Judith in a healthy relationship. This episode feeds some of that, when Judith tries to change for the better in hopes to win Alan back and keep him.

    I didn't enjoy Herb's involvement in the storyline, although he was important for it to work. I don't think Herb is a very good character for the series, especially whilst playing alongside Charlie. It's humerous to watch Charlie playing the veteran whilst looking after Herb in several episodes per Season, but Herb doesn't fit in well, and I think he is better off making less appearances.

    Jake's involvement is very minor in this episode, and not his best performance either. I feel like the scriptwriters ran out of ideas for Jake here. In fact, they seem to have run out of ideas for him altogether since he grew up. I think once Jake grows up to an adult - then there will be more opportunity with storyline, especially if they took the route of Jake being a bachelor alongside his Uncle, rather than the nerdy path of his Father. Besides, Alan is the only Alan. We need no other similar roles in this series for the characters to work off eachother for humerous jokes.

    I think for now, Jake could work well with a Girlfriend. Whether it's for one episode or if she plays a small role in the series for a while, much like Candy, Teddy and Courtney did.

    I think the real important purpose of this episode was Alan and Judith's relationship. It came to a quick and uncreative end, but perhaps they can work on how well Alan and Judith now co-exist with eachother.

    The final thing, is Judith's pregnancy! This is a shocking, yet incredible idea for the series. This really outlines the reason I chose the "Well-written" headline to this episode. This is a great idea by the creative team. I'm sure there will be some great Pregnant jokes thrown around by Charlie and Berta, whilst Alan tries to protect Judith.

    Most importantly, however long they decide for Judith to be pregnant is quite important. 8 Months can be easily passed when we proceed into Season 7, and who knows whether the new born will grow up to be another Jake to open up those old storyline opportunities, and obviously that welcomes a clash between him and Jake, and a relationship between him and Charlie.

    I hope they continue to involve Judith's pregnancy, because this is something that needs to be highlighted to remind viewers of the running Storyline that is Judith's pregnancy.

    My Overall view: Great idea, well delivered - But I've seen better.
  • Charlie pretends Jake is going to military school to get him to behave, Alan tries to end things with Judith

    I said that Herb was only good in small doses yet now I long for a scene with him and Charlie on a weekly basis. The two of them play off each other so well and it's interesting to see a dynamic where Charlie is the straight man.

    The episode was made when Herb was at the door and Charlie and Alan were bickering using titles of imaginary books as insults. Just some great back and forth, something this show excels at.

    I liked Charlie was ordering Jake around in an attempt to get him to behave because he thought he might be going to military school. Alan's nervousness around Judith was also entertaining for the second straight week.

    This is not the same kind of Two and a Half Men we saw in Season 1 but they still know how to dish out a very funny half hour.
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