Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 3

Big Girls Don't Throw Food

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on CBS

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  • Ashton returns with his Kelso character, Jon and Angus now just read lines. No passion. Concheta still hits the spot, but it fall's short because of the others.


    I used to love this show, and it wasn't just a Charlie Sheen thing. They gel'ed together, played off each other, and you could tell the actors were truly having fun. It injected passion, and the lines were felt.

    If only Ashton could play a character other then Kelso. I really want to see them succeed, I was really hoping it would be fun and entertaining. But in the end, it isn't even a shell of what it was.

    I shame, really a shame

  • Unlike what most ppl are saying i did like the episode.


    Unlike what most ppl are saying i did like the episode.I honestly hadnt laugh like this with this show since long time ago cause lets face it season 8 was horrible.I really like where this season is heading,i mean sure it needs improvements but i really find Ashtons character Walden very fun and enjoyable to watch,i especially liked the chemistry between him and Jake in this episode and i hope we see them interact more in later episodes. I really think that Ashton is gonna save this show and his already helping things to pick up if u ask me cause come on the guy is awesome lol.Of course there are some things that i didnt like much,i think Walden is coming off a little more childish and naive than he should,i mean he has to be a bit naive or else why would he let a complete stranger and his kid live in his house but yeah i think its a bit too much,like the scene with that little girl it was kinda unnecessary.And the fart jokes are starding to get on my nerves a little but generally i did find the episode very fun.

  • Worst episode ever


    This was the most boring episode of two and a half men ever. I wrote a review just yesterday about the last episode, which I found great (gave it a rating 9.0) and was really happy because I thought this will take a good end.

    Why is Ashton Kutcher the best paid actor in any series again? I dont know the answer, except he got a good agent ;), but I know that he does not deserve it. Anyway if this would have been a new series, I would stop watching it. If this continues at this level, a dead not moving charlie (and I mean really dead not the drunken drug abusing version of the last season) would be more funny.

    In three words: Horrible horrible horrible

  • Well, it still sucks...


    Well, sadly TAAHM still sucks, I mean it was actually kind of better than the first 2 episodes, but it still sucked. I personally just can't warm up to Walden, he is annoying and a whining baby.
    Jake is still super dumb, and it kind of gets annoying as well.
    Jake wants to drop out of school in this episode, because Walden also didn't finish school, and now he is a billionaire. Judith is not happy about that, and confronts Walden, and they end up making out, because Walden realizes it is actually over with his still wife Bridget.
    They met before for dinner, where she told him it is not going to work out, plus there is a very silly food fight with Walden and another kid.
    Berta is still the best thing about this show atm, but it doesn't hold it together.

  • Triumph for Charlie Sheen. Let it die already!


    I was skeptical about Ashton Kutcher, simply don't find him funny at all.

    But quite surprisingly, he's not the (only) weak spot.

    The writing (of the entire season so far) is a disaster and doesn't make any sense at all.

    In the past, with good ol' Charlie Sheen, it was about a womanizer and his needy and wimpy brother.

    Now, suddenly we have 2 sissies. Don't get me wrong: I always found Alan quite entertaining (and actually could relate to him more than to womanizing Charlie). But he needs a strong counterpart. Not an even weaker and "more sissy" companion.

    And by the way: I thought, Ashton Kutcher's only asset would be his appeal on women? If so, he's definitely a miscast in the role of this permanent crybaby. If he's been casted for his talents as a comedian, even worse so...

    Let it die already!

  • Season 9's worst episode so far


    I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "Two and a Half Men". Okay, if you users are complaining that the first two Season 9 episodes are horrible (which they weren't in my opinion), try watching this episode. I mean, it's not ABYSMAL since this episode does have its moments but this episode just wasn't that funny or good to me. I really do still think that Ashton Kutcher can make this show funny and I still have hopes for this show but Ashton Kutcher's character is Walden Schmidt (a heartbroken billinionaire). I don't want every episode to be Walden trying to get his ex-girlfriend Bridgit back. Judy Greer does continue to shine as Walden Schmidt's ex-girlfriend Bridgit in this episode. Not very many parts in this episode made me laugh. I also didn't like Jake too much. Come on, Alan really doesn't know how to be a parent. If Alan told Jake about him sleeping in that air mattress and Jake telling Alan "no"... Alan needs to keep acting like a parent but instead his parenting was "We're gonna go back to grandma's house" with Jake responding "I know" and then Alan lets Jake take his bed. While this episode was Season 9's worst episode. This episode has some very funny parts such as Jake telling Alan that he is dropping of school because he is too smart, Alan asking Jake "How many zeros are there in a million?" with Jake responding "MLPQ87etc.", Bridgit's appearance, and a couple of more parts. The scene with Walden and that little girl have a food fight was a really ridiculous to me though. Overall, the worst Season 9 episode of "Two and a Half Men" so far. 5/10

  • Still NOT Convinced!!


    After watching this, unfortunately, I'm still not convinced Two and a Half Men will turn things around this season. Starting with the opening theme, it just honestly sucked. The show would've been better off ditching it, instead of giving it a complete makeover, now that Ashton K. is part of the show. The storyline of him and his ex pretty much bores me and there's nothing really entertaining about it. Alan is now annoying me to no end, and his act is beyond tired already. Time for Alan J. Harper to GET A LIFE!!!

    It was good to see Jake a bit more, but he's definitely not the same Jake that fans were accustomed to seeing when the show was at it's peak. Would be nice to bring the OLD Jake back.

    I won't go into too much detail, but being honest, the show is no longer at it's pinnacle. The departure of Charlie Sheen pretty much ruined the show and unless he comes back and the writers and producers go back to using the winning formula that made the show such a huge hit, I'd say it won't be long before the show comes to an end.

  • the show it's death .


    with out charlie, the show is not fun anymore. until when jake will be stupid? he is not a child anymore. it's not funny. stupid chuck lorre, he broken a especial show. Now all women fall in love walden? can not do anything different? chuck said the character would be different from Charlie, but they want to make a copy.

  • its was something...


    most people is complaining about how the show sucks but i think most of this people are still on the charlie ride... and well this walden is anything but that.... i mean besides the $$$ and the idgaf moments he has.... he is just an immature guy with chunks of $$ and a beard ... so of course is not the same!

    Honestly i liked his dumbness from the 70s show and this so this is ... almost nothing but its good... and i enjoy it.

    the only thing i didnt enjoy about this episode was alans exwife being a hoe with walden.... honestly .. i dont see why they had to change the down to earth image i had from her.

  • It was a good episode in my opinion.


    The show is still funny and Ashton is doing a good job. I think that all you guys are giving bad reviews because you still miss Charlie and want him back. I sometimes miss him but the show must go on and its still good so i cant see the harm in that try to look at it as a spin off and that the old 2.5 men ended and see if you still like it or not. One of the upsides of this episode was Jake had some screen time and we saw him making a new friend which is Walden i think that getting Jake to quit High School was funny and a good idea from the writers and the way he did it was so nice and evil at the same time. I want to see Jake black mail his mother and get a car from his father. The downside of this episode that Alan became boring again. I can't wait for the rest of this season. I'm gonna watch 2.5 men until it gets boring or canceled which is unlikely.

  • Alan and Jake settle in; Walden throws food...


    Alan and Jake settle into one room while Walden has a food fight with a little girl during dinner with his ex.

    The third episode of the season starts nicely, ends with a laugh, but the middle...not so much.

    The first half of the episode echos some of the successful matchups of the show's past: Alan vs. Berta, Alan vs. Judith, Alan vs. Jake. Pretty funny. Jon Cryer gets most of the laughs in this one and rightly so! I enjoyed the first ten minutes. The next ten...not really.

    It was also refreshing to see and hear something more from Jake other than a fart (joke)...though they still worked one in there. His scenes with Alan were some of the best they've had in quite a few episodes. Speaking of Jake, Walden seems as though he is still unaware of Jake at the beginning of the episode, even though he met him in the premiere, and then suddenly he remembers him in the next scene.

    And last, but not least, I was hoping for more in Walden's character development so far, though I'm beginning to think I just don't care for the character that much, and that's ok. I keep expecting something more and maybe he'll get there eventually. It's only been 3 episodes and there's a long way to go, but I'm having a very hard time seeing past Kutcher's Kelso character. It just makes sense to me that he'd be at least somewhat more intelligent than portrayed at this point in his life...maybe he's some kind of idiot savant. I don't know. Either way, the dinner scene and food fight did nothing for me. Though the first couple of exchanges between Walden and the little girl were mildly entertaining.

    The last few minutes were pretty good, though it didn't take long to play the Judith/Walden card. Not surprising. In the end, it wasn't a terrible episode, but to me, a lot of it just wasn't very funny.

  • It was okay until the food fight.


    First off, the new opening video is terrible. Way to ruin the best annoying song of all-time.

    Like I said though, for a minute it almost seemed like the show was back on track with a solid episode and even getting me to laugh for the first time when Alan said that Jake was "very special." Then that awful scene in the restaurant, the food fight, the kiss and the farting happened. Herb was funny, but they can't even give him three lines anymore?