Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 9

Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan attempts to solve thinning hair in cheapskate fashion before heading out on dates. Chelsea reveals Charlie hasn't been pleasing her sexually as much as he thinks.

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  • Something that should've happened in this episode.

    Alan,Charlie and Jake are sitting at the table, eating dinner and Alan is taking more of those hair grow pills.

    Jake: Dad, what are those pills for? Are you sick or something?

    Alan: no, Jake.

    Jake: Well then what are you taking them for?

    Charlie: Because he's losing his hair and he's so vain that he would risk his health taking foreign pills with no FDA regulations.

    Alan: That is not true and these pills are perfectly safe to take.

    Jake:(looks at the bottle) Hey, there's a monkey on the label.

    Alan: Jake, that's the inventor of the pills.

    Jake: These pills were invented by a monkey?! COOL!

    Alan: The inventor is not a monkey, Jake. He is a human being.

    Charlie: Sure, a slightly less evolved human being.

    Alan: That is not a monkey!

    Berta:(walks into the kitchen) Alright, I'm done for the day. I'm off.

    Charlie: Alright. See ya, Berta.

    Berta:(sees the bottle and picks this up) What are these for, Charlie? You got a pet monkey, now? If you do, I ain't cleanin' up after it. (Berta puts down the bottle and leaves and we hear the door close).

    Charlie:(smiling sarcastically at Alan)

    Alan:(with a strict voice) THAT IS NOT A MONKEY.moreless
  • 709

    A great hilarious episode of Two and a Half Men. Allan really did steal the show here with his spray on hair or converting to Judaism to hide his hair. Sure some of the scenes were over the top but it was still very funny. Chelsea isn't the funniest thing about this show, and hell, I'd rather see Allan's ex at this point, but she was remotely funny here.

    Seeing Allan with the spray on hair all over his face was just hysterical and I always found it laughable that he was shallow enough to risk his health to get more hair. Overall an unexpectedly great episode of Two and a Half Men.moreless
  • Charlie can't give Chelsea the big O

    The highest rated comedy on TV just didn't deliver the goods this thanksgiving week. The two parallel stories just didn't strike the right chord. But nonetheless, there were a few scene which were worthy of an occasional chuckle.

    Charlie stoops down to a new low in desperation because he simply can't give Chelsea an orgasm. He goes to the extent of seeking advice from Berta and Alan. Jon Cryer had possibly the worst role this time. Not only did he get like 10 percent of screen time, his track was pure rubbish. And of course, Jake's role was I guess forgettable. Weak episode, but wasn't bad..moreless
  • Charlie and Chelsea are having some issues and it's driving Charlie crazy. He actually goes to Alan and then Berta for advice. Alan is on a dating craze using the short term free time on different dating sites. Jake is dating as well.moreless

    Another solid episode focusing on Charlie and Chelsea and their relationship.

    Charlie is learning about being in a long term relationship. He is finding out that even in the sex department things are not always perfect. Of course as he always likes to put it, "That's the one thing I'm good at!" So when he's not hitting a home run every time with Chelsea he is greatly disturbed by this.

    Unbelievably he goes first to his brother Alan and then to Berta for advice. We get to see some very funny bits with Alan that are worth seeing the show for on their own. My favorite was his date from which by the way is an actual dating site for Jewish singles. Of course Alan's not Jewish so... Next he goes to Berta who probably gives him better advice most of the time as she probably knows what she's talking about. Of course another funny discussion ensues.

    Through all of this Jake is sneaking in late from a date. Getting grounded. Then sneaking out when he is grounded. Chelsea says, "You do know Jake just snuck out the front door?" Charlie replies, "How else is he going to go out when he's grounded?"

    All I can say is the two of them are very "Lucky" and in there own ways can be very "Rude" to each other at times! :) If I was Charlie I'd be glad I was just getting up to bat regularly if you get my drift. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • This was awesome!

    I did not expect to enjoy this episode, after all the idea of not being able to fulfill women reminds me a bit too much of my personal life, however, this was about as hilarious as you can get from the show.

    The two minutes or so with Alan wearing a yarmulke was the highlight of the season for Two and a Half Men. Every joke between the two landed and that is a rarity nowadays.

    In short? I haven't laughed this hard during Two and a Half Men in a long time and if this was any indication, the Chelsea/Charlie relationship might not be so bad after all.

    It was a grave injustice when Two and a Half Men did not even get a nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmys last year. This episode alone should ensure that does not happen again this year.moreless

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