Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 3

Carpet Burns and a Bite Mark

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie finds out that Alan and Judith have begun to date again.

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  • lame

    Two and a Half Men almost always is a home run of comedy, a grand slam of laughs, a pennant of hilarity, if you will, but not tonight. The episode had very few good lines if any, and the viewer was instantly able to predict what the title would be if they did not know when it was said, but that does not mean it was funny necessarily, and in this case it wasn't.

    Anything with Judith in a big role is destined to be bad, but this was not entirely her fault. Two and a Half Men just phoned this one in.moreless
  • Surprise, surprise. A very hilarious week of Two and a half men

    Heh, another great episode from this series. I miss the old series, meaning Seasons 1, 2 and best of all: Season 3.

    The show started to dry up in laughter from the fourth season onwards.

    I liked this one, it had it's humor funny parts which got me cracking, which the new episodes do not give. Yes, perhaps it was too predictable, so? The storyline was funny... I accept any sort of comedy from this show because I feel that the next two seasons did not deliver enough homor. Judith and Alan begun to date again and did their usual: Get into the hot tub, into bed together, hide from Jake. It was great this time around.

    I liked the whole plot, and with Rose, Berta and Evelyn in the picture, along with Judith, those four characters in a single episode makes a greater episode. You wouldn't see all four appear on one episode, only rarely.

    They were all hilarious, as usual. To me, what makes a great episode is if you laugh till you cried or/and it tells a best storyline. Overall, yes, predictable. That did not effect this one to me. I loved it, Season 3 is certainly another great giving show like the first two were.moreless
  • The Judith episode....

    We all knew that this storyline was going to happen - Alan dating Judith.

    Of course, it was still funny, the usually plotline was there - Alan hiding the fact that he's dating from his son was there. I did enjoy that fact that Charlie had an intervention set up to stop this dating thing from going on. That was funny.

    The hot tub scene was way too predicatable also. It was too obvious that Alan was going to be pushed underwater. But after the second time, it just got old.

    We all knew that it was going to end in disaster and that Alan was going to leave the house naked. So even though it had it's hilarious parts, the storyline was too predictable.moreless
  • Predictable!

    Not really entertaining, and lacking something extra special......oh I know...comedy.

    I hate Judith, and I find it very very hard to believe that Alan was married to her in the first place. Although, he likes strong women who can command him, so it's plausible.

    Anyway, they want to keep it a secret from Jake that their seeing each other again, but we all know that they will not get back together (well maybe for the series finale) because if they do the show is dead.

    Overall, predictable episode.moreless

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Charlie: Oh, hey, Alan! The kid was asking about these women you've been going out with, why he never gets to meet any of them?
      Alan: Really? What, what did you tell him?
      Charlie: I said it's probably because he's disgusting.
      Alan: Oh, Charlie...
      Charlie: I also told him that you love him and that you don't want him to get attached to somebody and get disappointed if things don't work out.
      Alan: Good. Thank you.
      Charlie: How come I don't get to meet them?
      Alan: Cause you're disgusting.
      Charlie: That's very hurtful, Alan.

    • Charlie: What's the big secret with these women?
      Alan: Oh boy, I... I really don't want to get into it.
      Charlie: They're hideous, right?
      Alan: No...
      Charlie: Insufferable?
      Alan: No...
      Charlie: Inflatable?
      Alan: Are you insane?
      Charlie: Oh, insane, are they insane?!
      Alan: Leave me alone!

    • Judith: (about Jake) Isn't he adorable?
      Alan: When he's sleeping he's an angel.
      (Jake farts)

    • Charlie: For the record, a pleasant dinner doesn't necessarily preclude carpet burns and a bite mark on your ass.

    • Judith: We need to put your mouth to good use.
      Alan: I can't go back underwater, Judith.

    • Judith: Alan, are you okay?
      Alan: There was a bright light, and I saw my dead grandmother.

    • Evelyn: If you were to reconcile, I would have to apologize to her.
      Alan: So?
      Evelyn: I'd rather kill us all.

    • Alan: You told on me?
      Charlie: You wouldn't listen to reason so now you have to listen to mom.

    • Alan: Am I getting whacked?
      Charlie: It was discussed, but I was overruled.

    • Alan: I've been seeing the same woman for several weeks.
      Charlie: Oh, so you're playing it slow?
      Alan: Yes.
      Charlie: And by "slow," I mean gay.

    • Alan: The point is, she wants to give it another try, and so do I. But we can't let Jake know because we don't want him to get his hopes up.
      Charlie: Oh, buddy, why don't you just take an electric sander to your testicles.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Die tote Oma im Whirlpool", meaning "Dead Grandma in the Whirlpool". The French title is "Vidange express", meaning "Express Oil Change". The Italian title is "Appuntamenti segreti", meaning "Secret Dating". The Spanish title is "Quemaduras en la alfombra y un mordisco", an exact translation.

    • Steven V. Silver was nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series for his work on this episode.