Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 12

Castrating Sheep in Montana

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Berta discovers that Alan has been dating her daughter Naomi.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Alan's ear

    I thought it was funny that Alan's ear kept getting redder and more swollen because it was infected, even though he kept insisting that it's not saying that swelling is perfectly normal. Naomi pierced Alan's ear using a sewing needle sterilized with Kahlua(which doesn't have enough alcohol for sterilization) and used a potato as a pin cushion to set against Alan's ear lobe.

    Charlie should've told Alan to take out the earring to see if that will help the swelling. Alan would've said,"No, no, you have to leave it in for 6 weeks until the ear heals." Charlie would've replied,"Heals? How is your ear healing?"moreless
  • Funny...

    Berta was the rock awesome person on this episode. Just at least Alan didn't have to face Berta just for breaking up with her daughter.

    I liked it because there was unexpected things that actually occured, like Berta sleeping in Charlie's bed, didn't see that one coming. It was just twists and turns so it was very great. Season 4 has liven up to it's potential, that's all I'll really say after watching more and more episodes of this season. It's not my favorite, but still hilarious and charming. My favorite was Season 3 followed by a close Season 2. Good episode anyways.moreless
  • Allan must figure out how to break it off with the maid's daughter.

    This was a very funny episode that seemed to be right on par with other funny shows this season. My wife and I both agree... this show is like an updated version of The Odd Couple. It's always hysterical to see how Charlie is going to react to his brother Allan's crazy neurotic antics. This episode, in particular, was a great one! I can't believe it's taken them this long to incorporate the maid in a story like this. At my house, we are always wanting more from the maid. We thought seeing Charlie in bed with her was one of the funniest images we've seen all year!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Charlie asks Berta if she has daughters besides Naomi. He already met her other daughter Cheryl Ann in "Camel Filters + Pheromones".

    • This is the second episode where Alan & Charlie talk about Alan always wanting women in trouble. They also talk about it in THAT WAS SALIVA, ALAN.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Charlie: You do know that's the gay ear?
      Alan: What?
      Charlie: Left ear says, "I'm a hipster from the disco era." Right ear says, "Let's disco."
      Alan: No. That-that can't be right.
      Charlie: Ok. Don't believe me.
      Berta: (walks in and sees Alan's right ear is pierced) Hey, look who's finally out of the closet.

    • Evelyn: You know it's tacky to arrive empty-handed. Perhaps we should stop and get a box of wine or some aerosol cheese.
      Charlie: Whoa! Mom, you're on fire tonight!
      Evelyn: It's the new meds. They mix well with liquor.
      Alan: This was a bad idea.
      Evelyn: Charlie, didn't you tell him that's the gay ear?

    • Berta: Well, you let me know if you need anything.
      Alan: I will.
      Berta: Ironing, groceries, I could lance that ear for you.
      Alan: No, thanks.
      Berta: I know what I'm doing. I spent a summer castrating sheep in Montana.

    • Charlie: Berta's in my bed.
      Alan: Really? Couldn't you just pay her in cash this week?

    • Jake: Can I get my ear pierced?
      Alan: No.
      Jake: Why not?
      Charlie: You can't keep the holes you have clean.

    • Berta: I made all your favorites: scrambled egg whites; turkey bacon; rye toast, no butter; decaf coffee.
      Alan: Well, thank you.
      Berta: You eat like a 90-year-old man with stomach cancer, but I don't judge.

    • Evelyn: It's one thing to diddle the help, but another thing to dine with them.
      Alan: Naomi's not the help.
      Evelyn: Oh, forgive me. She's the maid's round-heeled daughter. I mean, I'd expect this from Charlie. He'd hump a grilled cheese sandwich.
      Charlie: Thanks, Mom.

    • Berta: (to Alan) You ain't much, but you're the best she has ever had.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Alan ist anders", meaning "Alan is Different". The French title is "Le dîner de famille", meaning "Family Dinner". The Italian title is "A cena da Berta", meaning "Berta's Dinner Party". The Spanish title is "Castrando borregos en Montana", an exact translation.

    • Though credited, Marin Hinkle does not appear in this episode.


    • Charlie: (to Alan) What's going on with your ears Dumbo?

      This is in reference to Walt Disney's animated film Dumbo, which is about an elephant who is ridiculed because of his big ears.

    • Charlie tells Alan that the earring would look good if he was going to a "Wham! concert with Molly Ringwald."

      Back in the 80's, Jon Cryer was part of the Brat Pack and was in Pretty in Pink with Molly Ringwald.