Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 4

City of Great Racks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on CBS
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Charlie and Linda get closer to consummating their relationship, but Charlie has trouble focusing when he begins to see Rose's face everywhere he turns.

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  • Great to see Rose again. A nice episode that inspired me to continue on watching

    Great to see Rose again. A nice episode that inspired me to continue on watching.

    This one had a great start, middle and ending. It was hilarious here and there. I liked Jake this time, he was the funniest. Charlie kept on seeing Rose everywhere he went and then his story turned out to be true. She was really there, obviously flying back and forth from London to Malibu, Los Angeles.

    I really like Linda. She's hot for her age, and a good person for Charlie. After all, on Season 3 it was Charlie dating the good woman and Alan dating those bimbo's. Who could thought Charlie with a non bimbo and Alan with one>>? I miss Kandi, she and Alan were a cute couple. Still, the Rose plot of this episode was perfect. This show will end like Joey and Rose and Charlie will be together, Alan elsewhere with Judith, or another woman and Jake being as happy as he can be watching television and eating junk food.

    Overall, this was a great episode for the first time in a while, and it has inspired me to continue on watching this season.moreless
  • 504

    The 100th episode of Two and a Half Men certainly did not disappoint. This show is always at its best when Charlie & Rose are interacting and we saw some of that here, it only made sense to have a montage of Rose in the 100th episode. She isn't the main focus of the show, but she's always been around, and it was nice to see her here. I really don't like Jake here. Transitioning from a cute kid to a teenager isn't very good for Jake, and he was just extremely too perverted for a 12 year old. I liked Charlie's relationship with Linda, but she just simply isn't as funny as Rose. Jane Lynch was also very good here. A very suitable 100th episode for this show. Charlie having feelings for Rose was definitely eventful and the shots with the British airlines were just hysterical. Great 100th!moreless
  • Rose's grand return for the 100th episode. (A few spoilers)

    I was disappointed Melanie Lynskey (Rose) left the show last season. She was one of the best characters and Two and a Half Men was never really the same without her. Here, she makes her return in the series' 100th episode as Charlie embarks on a mature relationship with Linda, about his own age, played by the excellent Ming-Na from ER and Mulan fame (though here, she's credited as Ming Wen). Just when things seem to be going right for him, he thinks he sees Rose's face everywhere he goes. First, as a redhead walking a dog after dropping Linda home, then as a blonde when he, Jake, and Alan are having lunch, and then as a Hispanic room service attendant serving champagne at the hotel he's staying with Linda. These "encounters" lead to a flashback and sure enough, the memories of Rose won't go away, prompting Charlie to fly off to England to see her. This, of course, works very conveniently for her as she's played him right into her grasp for unknown to Charlie, it was indeed Rose all along, evidenced with the wigs in her apartment. They talk and realize they did have something together, but when she brings up having children and raising a family, Charlie hops the next flight to return to the U.S. in a flash. This was definitely one of the best episodes in a while.

    Even though the show's title is Two and a Half Men, it was the women who really got to shine in this episode. From Melanie Lynskey (Rose), to Ming-Na (Linda), Conchata Ferrell (Berta) and even Jane Lynch as psychiatrist Dr. Freeman, who's excellent as always in her few appearances on the show. The only one missing was Holland Taylor as Evelyn, but she's sure to have more opportunities to show her goods whenever she appears on the show. This is still a good series after 100 episodes and should certainly continue for at least a couple more years.moreless
  • Rose is back.

    It was odd to see a musical montage on an episode of Two and a Half Men. This is just not something that you normally associate television's #1 comedy with, but for some reason it worked here as Rose was such an integral part of the show despite rarely being on screen and having as zany dialogue as possible.

    The episode had its moments, but as a whole was disappointing. Even the sure-fire hilarious Jane Lynch (Party Down) was disappointing in her recurring role as Charlie's therapist. Season 5 was, how we say, a mess, and thankfully the show has recovered since then.moreless
  • Charlie is having commitment issues (Spoilers)

    It's testimony first to this series that I only just got around to watching this episode. My desire to keep up to date is well out of the window, and its almost a nothing else better to do jobby at the moment.

    Having said that this episode was fairly decent, except that we've already been through the Charlie getting into a relationship with an older (than his normal choice) age woman, and him getting some form of cold feet about entering into the relationship. So this time we see it again intertwined with Rose's cunning plan to get him back!

    The Jake moments were okay, but what was with the laughter track? I mean was that show really deserving of two laughter claps?! That seems to be pushing the issue a little too much, almost as if they're trying to convince themselves as opposed to us.

    So the story was a little rehashed, the jokes were fairly average and it was really Rose's re-introduction that saved this from an even lower rating.moreless
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Anna Graves

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Melanie Lynskey


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Jane Lynch

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Charlie's outbound and inbound flights from LAX to Heathrow on British Airways are said to be flights 471 and 472. Actual flights fall in the range of 268 – 283, and both 471 and 472 are non-existant.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Charlie comes in)
      Alan: Oh, hey, how was Santa Barbara?
      Jake: Santa Barbra? It's Spanish for "city of great racks."

    • Jake: I started algebra.
      Alan: Oh, really? How do you like it?
      Jake: Eh, I don't get it at all, but the teacher's really hot.
      Alan: Really?
      Jake: Yeah, she's got some really great racks.
      Alan: Um, don't you mean "rack"?
      Jake: No, she's got two, and they're ginormous!

    • Charlie: Why do I keep thinking I see her?
      Jake: Maybe you miss her.
      Charlie: I don't think so. I was a little down when she left, which is to be expected, but I've got Linda now. I moved on. And what the hell am I doing talking to you about my personal life?
      Jake: Cause I'm a good listener? Cause you have no other friends? Ha, ha.

    • Charlie: She looks like Rose!
      Alan: It couldn't be, she's still in England, right?
      Charlie: Last I heard.
      Jake: I got a postcard from her the other day.
      Charlie: Really, what did it say?
      Jake: Uh, well, let's see. "Dear Jake, How are you? I'm fine. Hope you're doing well in school. Ha, ha." I think that's a joke 'cause she knows I struggle with my grades. Let's see, what else. Oh, yeah. "Say 'hello from England' for everybody." Hello, from England.

    • (Female passes walking her dog)
      Charlie: Rose? Nah, couldn't be. I'm so backed up I'm literally cock-eyed.

    • Rose: You can't expect me to go back to what we had without a commitment.
      Charlie: "A commitment"?
      Rose: I think we should get married.
      Charlie: "Married"?
      Rose: Sell the house in Malibu and move to a kid-friendly neighborhood here in London.
      Charlie: Kids?
      Rose: We're going to have kids, aren't we?
      (we see an airplane flying and the episode ends)

    • Charlie: (To Rose) You always loved me for who I am instead of for who I could be, which is wonderful. And let's face it, we both love who I am.

    • Charlie: London certainly agrees with you, Rose. You look beautiful.
      Rose: I just can't believe you're here.
      Charlie: Yeah, well, I wanted you to know, I've been thinking a lot about you lately and, I miss you.
      Rose: Oh, Charlie, I miss you, too.
      Charlie: Are you seeing anybody?
      Rose: Actually, I am seeing someone, but I'm not really sure where it's going yet.
      Charlie: To be honest, there is one lady I've been dating. She's actually my own age!
      Rose: No!
      Charlie: Yeah, but my therapist says she's not good for me.

    • Alan: Berta, have you seen Charlie?
      Berta: He's not in his bed?
      Alan: No.
      Berta: Passed out on the bathroom floor?
      Alan: No.
      Berta: Rubbing oil on the volleyball girls?
      Jake: No.
      Berta: Well, that just leaves the bars, hospitals, and jails. I'll go get the Yellow Pages.

    • Jake: Do you play volleyball?
      Linda: No, do you?
      Jake: No, I just like to watch them jump up and down.

    • (In front of Linda)
      Jake: Dad, girl's volleyball. Lotta bouncing boobs!
      Alan: Not now.
      Jake: You told me to tell you when they started.
      Alan: No, I didn't!
      Jake: Yes, you did!
      Alan: Shut up!

    • Alan: Oh, Linda, hi.
      Linda: Hi, Alan. I'm sorry to show up unannounced, but Charlie hasn't been answering his cell phone and I wanted to make sure he's OK.
      Alan: Charlie's fine. We have a pharmacy that delivers.

    • Dr. Freeman: Why don't we talk about your current relationship?
      Charlie: Linda? Well, let's see. She's a municipal court judge.
      Dr. Freeman: Oh, very impressive.
      Charlie: Thank you.
      Dr. Freeman: I meant for her, Charlie.

    • Jake: (about Charlie) Why is he dating a judge? Is he trying to get out of something?
      Alan: No, more like he's trying to get into something.

    • Charlie: Okay, the reason why men say hot girl at, like, 12 o'clock or 3 o'clock, is to specify a location using the clock face as a kind of a map.
      Jake: What if you have a digital watch?
      Charlie: First of all, you're not gonna meet any women if you wear a digital watch. Second of all, it doesn't matter; the clock face is imaginary.
      Jake: Then how do you know what time you saw the girl?
      Charlie: Oh, my God!

  • NOTES (5)

    • The German episode title is "Eine Blondine mit Kaffee", meaning "A Blonde with Coffee". The French title is "La cité des Saints", meaning "City of Saints". The Italian title is "Il fantasma di Rose", meaning "Rose's Ghost". The Spanish title is "La ciudad del Wonderbrá", meaning "Wonderbra City".

    • International Airdates: Slovakia: January 20, 2010 on Markiza

    • Pixie Schwartz, Krista Borrelli, Ralph Abalos, and Janice Zoladz were nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Hairstyling For A Multi-camera Series Or A Special category for their work on this episode.

    • Jane Lynch's character was listed as "Dr. Freeman", instead of "Dr. Linda Freeman", as usual. Perhaps, it had to do with Ming-Na's character having the same first name.

    • Featured music: "The Rose" by Karen Knowles (during Charlie's flashbacks of Rose)