Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 14

Crude and Uncalled For (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on CBS
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Alan suspects a widowed lawyer, who represented him following his arrest for slugging a guy at a bar who came on to his date, is interested in Chelsea and suggests Charlie do something about it.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Alan snaps.

    Before I talk about this episode I want to make a plea to Chuck Lorre and the rest of the Two and a Half Men staff to please get rid of Chelsea. She has been a brown spot on the show since her return (she played a random, different character a few years ago) and NOBODY LIKES HER! NOBODY! Please have her sleep with someone else, have her take a long walk on a short pier, I don't care. Just get rid of her.

    Now, this episode was fun for the fact that Alan finally snapped after all the years of mental and physical abuse. Would I rank near the top this season? Probably not, just about so-so by Season 7 standards, but still pretty funny for the sheer fact that Alan punched somebody.moreless
  • Chelsea may be having and affair with Alan's lawyer, while there was a chance mountain lions would kill the Harpers.

    Well, it was a good episode, because we finally got to see Alan's violent side, someting he is later afraid it'll take over his body, next, Chelsea is being kinda seduced accidentally on purpose by Alan's lawyer. Next day or that night, i'm not sure, Alan convinces Charlie it was a bad idea to let chelsea go alone, so they all go to meet her, the GPS stands them on the forest and walk their way home, so here comes my favourite part:

    Jake, "Do you think there are mountain lions nearby?"

    Alan "no, i don't think so"

    -------Long Pause--------

    Jake "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

    Alan and Charlie: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    (They run away)

    Jake "-Laughs-Wait! don't live me down here!!!"

    Overall, not so great episode, but with funny lines, and an important episode: Chelsea might leave charlie!, also nice to see a two part episode againmoreless
  • Not a good episode but an important one

    This season has undoubtedly been the worst so far- in Two and a half men terms that doesn't mean it's necessarily bad but still- Jacke gets irritating, Chelsea is lovely and I adore her but let's face it- the show's premise is that Charlie is a bachelor and the best seasons were when he was just that.

    So this episode doesn't stand out as being funny- there were some typical TAAHM moments, pretty foreseeable actually, like when Alan gets home from jail, but on the whole it wasn't a good episode. BUT the scene with the lawyer foreshadowed the depature of Chelsea and as much as I like her I think that's the right choice if the producers want to turn the show around. I want more stories as in the first couple of seasons. And bring back Judith and Herb for crying out loud! Maybe some of his old flames, too, like Heather Locklear or Jeri Ryan.moreless
  • Alan gets arrested for assault. Chelsea gets mad at Charlie for all sorts of reasons. Alan's lawyer is handsome and gallant and invites them all out to his charity barbecue. Chelsea goes and then Alan starts to make Charlie think about being jealous.moreless

    Not one of their better efforts this season. Alan and his fists of fury are causing more than his assault charges and he gets Charlie to start worrying about Chelsea and the attorney they hired to bail Alan out.

    Of course Charlie doesn't make the best decisions at time, but that's Charlie. If Chelsea doesn't know it by now she never will. Alan the worry wort is bound and determined to make Charlie worry. By the time he is done he gets Charlie to go out to this event and Charlie, Alan, and Jake get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

    I loved the classic scene at the breakfast table discussing Alan's incident all the time alarming Chelsea about their true intentions. They even get Chelsea to volunteer to pay his lawyers expense before Charlie and Evelyn agree to split it.

    The end is a to be continued as by the time the boys get home late Chelsea still had not shown at home from the barbecue. So Charlie is fretting over what is going on and Alan is just making him worry more.

    Not really that humorous an episode, but there were a few bright points. Jake gets a little chance to interact and act like Jake. Alan acted a lot like Alan and Charlie like Charlie. I don't think the jealousy looks good on Charlie though. We'll see. Thanks for reading...moreless

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