Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 3

Damn You, Eggs Benedict

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • Great episode and funny for the most part but it's not the best Season 6 episode that I have ever seen


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Two and a Half Men". It wasn't the best Season 6 episode that I have ever seen and it could have been better. Still, the episode was enjoyable and isn't bad at all. The thing that brought down my score was the middle part was a little weak and became a little boring. Charlie attempting to cook was the best part of this episode. It's just too bad that it was only in the first half of this episode. Jake wanting to sample beer and then getting drunk was hilarious though. Alan also wanting to date two women at the same time is very funny. The fact that Alan was having sex with that beautiful and attractive girl and he couldn't lie about him dating two women at the same time was funny. Charlie's part in this episode was hilarious. Charlie's line "Damn You Eggs Benedict" (which is the title of this episode) was pretty funny. Charlie also saying "Scrambled eggs it is" was funny. Alan being tazed and shaking around made laugh so hard. It was also very funny when Charlie told drunken Jake to go on the trunk of this truck. Jake throwing up (which is NOT seen) is funny as well. However, I did feel like this episode had a very weak ending. Overall, this was great episode of "Two and a Half Men" but it could have been better (mainly the middle part and the ending). 8/10

  • An episode for trying new things

    Alan tries to date two women at the time. Jake tastes his first beer. Charlie starts some cooking.

    This episode is so funny. Is one of the best episodes of the season. So great, so hilarous, and so amazing. Charlie cooks, Jake gets drunk, Alan dates two women at the same time. All of this sums up to make this Two and a Half Men episode one of season 6's best. Alan discovers that one of his women is cheating on him and somehow gets electrified. Jake gets drunk and pukes the crap out of him, and Charlie only knows to do scrambled eggs... and at the end his date wants scrambbled eggs! It looks like the only one who everything turned out fine was Charlie. LOL.
  • Alan tries to conquer his lack of success with Women by dating two at once. Meanwhile, Charlie takes up an interest in Cooking, and Jake finally gets his hands on some Alcohol!

    This episode is filled with lots of gags. The majority of the gags are exploited metaphorically, which is what Two and a Half Men does best.

    The storyline is a fun idea, but I get aggitated every time I watch an episode where Alan is sexually active, whilst Charlie takes an unusual break.

    Charlie's cooking storyline in this episode is probably the least interesting I've ever seen him involved with, but his amusing humour in this episode makes up for that.

    Jake's involvement is alot better in this episode, but once again his humour comes from his stupidity, and Charlie constantly pitying him.

    Jake's character was amusing whilst drunk, I feel like his character was more interesting, and the writers need to find some more interesting storylines for him.

    Charlie plays the veteran for both Alan and Jake throughout the episode, just showing his knowledge of being drunk and in relationships.

    Overall, this episode is extremely humerous, at the expenses of Jake and Alan. The storyline was good, the gags were fantastic, and as I said in the classification, this episode is exactly why I watch this series.
  • Everyone tries new things.

    In this episode, "Damn You, Eggs Benedict", everyone tries brand new things. Alan dates and sleeps with two women at the same time, Charlie tries to cook, and Jake tries beer and gets drunk for the first time. I really liked this episode. I thought it was really funny. Especially Alan dating two women and Jake trying beer. It looks like since Jake isn't a kid anymore it will open up a lot more storylines, where they can come up with a lot more interesting plots.

    I loved the whole Jake drunk thing. I thought it was hilarious and when Charlie had to go get him and Jake kept throwing up. haha.
  • "Only you could gay up banging two women."

    In this episode everyone tries something new. Charlie tries cooking. Alan is dating two women at once and gets some advice from Charlie. However, being Alan, while he's doing one of the girls Alan gets asked if he's cheating on her and unable to cope with the pressure says yes. So that makes Alan realize he only needed one woman so he goes to his other girlfriends house and confesses his sin to her to find out she's also banging other people. Then Jake gets drunk with a friend so Charlie has to go pick him up. At the end Charlie says a great line to the other two, "You look at me and you think it's easy..."

    A decent episode but not the best. Oh Alan's electrocution was amazing!!
  • funny

    Charlie suddenly decides to cook while Allen suddenly decides that he's capable of dating two women at once. He was terrible! The moment that one of his girlfriends got the wuff that he was cheating on her, he caved in. It was hilarious when he went to his other girlfriend and she had a guy over. Karma - haha... anyways, Jake somehow gets drunk and Charlie goes to pick him up. I didn't really like watching Jake puke over and over... but the story was pretty funny. It was hilarious at the end when Allen was screwed up because of his electrocution and Jake was screwed up because of drinking and Charlie was making eggs for his girlfriend! Overall, another funny episode.
  • Alan dates two women, Charlie takes up cooking, Jake tries beer.

    A lot of things going on for all three central characters tonight, but unfortunately not as many jokes. There were still some funny lines, but eventually even the best shows have off days and this was just an average offering of Two and a Half Men. I think the problem was a lack of emphasis put on Charlie. While he usually gives you the best lines of the episode putting him out of his element in attempting to cook resulted in very little humor, both physical or verbal. The Alan storyline seemed too generic as the show has done countless very similar episodes already.

    It was still an okay show, but just not nearly up to the quality we've come to expect from Two and a Half Men.
  • Season 6, Episode 3.

    The episode started out pretty weak, but I liked all the reference, especially the dirty one with Charlie and the tube in his mouth. That was the funniest part of the first five minutes. Charlie and Jake rock together. Jake wants beer and asks Charlie! "When you're 14, you don't ask you uncle for beer!" "Well then who do I ask?" LMAO! Charlie says he was 32 when he had his first beer. LMAO! He says Jake can't afford to lose any brain cells. I love Charlie so much. Haha. "How do you like your eggs?" "In an Easter basket." LMAO! Cool episode.