Two and a Half Men

Season 2 Episode 24

Does This Smell Funny to You?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 23, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie unknowingly sleeps with an older man's trophy wife. Meanwhile, Jake has to read a paper to his class.

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  • Does this smell funny to you? I guess it does!

    Jake reads at class a report of what he did in the weekend: he tells the story of how Charlie sleeps with an elder man's trophy wife and how that elder man comes to the house to claim his wife - but Jake doesnt know what is going on!

    This episode is the Season 2 finale. I think the season was great and full of humor, and this episode is not the exception. The episode was rlly funny and was funnier to see Jake looking for his Game Boy while all around him focused on Charlie sleeping with the man's wife. Jake didnt know what was going on, but I did, and I gotta say that was rlly funny. This episode was good, great, but I dont think it might be one of the bests, but still great!moreless
  • have you seen my gameboy does this smell funny to you?

    well this is one of thoes tv episode theme where a character tells everything that happen all already to all people in this case Jake tells his classmates what happen last weekend. It's starts with Charlie having sex with an old guys wife and it's an old guy name norman and he finds out and plans to take down charlie and Jake keeps telling the story. And the funny best part is how Norman got back at Charlie is that he was entier making out or having sex with noneother than Evelen and the thing that bothers me is that Jake keeps looking for his gameboy but he ends up having a DS hello theirs a differntsmoreless
  • Meh...

    Meh... I was expecting a lot more from a season finale, as I didn't laugh or find anything really funny to laugh about. It was still good, but after watch "Squab" last week, you'd probably be expecting something better or similar - at least...

    Jake re-tells his most recent weekend to a bunch of school kids who take the story quite charming but Jake's teacher on the other hand does not, lol, I wonder why that is? Maybe because he's gross.

    Yeah, the whole aspect about Charlie sleeping with that guy's wife was a little "Meh -ish" on my part - as because I didn't quite see the point. Storylines such as what was seen tonight have been interpreted so many times before - with Charlie's dating women. So, even though a lot occured on Jake's fun weekend, and the sexual relationship - this wasn't quite right for me, and I'm more so disappointed because this second season just happens to be my favorite out of the five, and then finally when it comes to the finale - just a "Meh" episode. Maybe the writers were too bone lazy to bring up and care for the final. So, disappointing, but still decent in a way.moreless
  • The weekend, as seen through Jake's eyes, and ours

    This show was a terrific conceit about the actions on a weekend at Charlie's house seen through the camera eye (our perspective) and Jake's perspective. The differences between them are hilarious. An old guy comes to the door and says "Is this the Harper residence?" When Alan says yes, the guy pokes him in the stomach with his cane, asking where his wife is. It turns out this is Norman, whose wife is sleeping with Charlie. As Alan informs Charlie about the situation, Charlie comes up with hilarious questions and statements. "Is this guy packing (a gun)?" "Oh, I hate it when this happens." Charlie finally comes down to talk to the guy, and Norman gives Charlie some advice about being a player and eventually settling down. Meanwhile, Jake is concerned about bathroom functions, food, and finding his gameboy. Perhaps this most hilarious thing at the end is when Jake tells Alan he gave his report to Judith to read and Charlie says "Don't worry. He's eleven. It'll never hold up in court." A classic.moreless
  • Great episode. Squab is still the best hough.

    Charlie's really smart and alert and plays solid, impenetrable defense. He's just so shark-like and judith is innocuous to him but she pulverizes alan. It pays to be seductive, psychologically on the alert and very smart!! Jakes's paper is a GREAT recap. All the successful sitcomes make fun of themselves (like the Pilot of the "show about nothing" with seinfeld) this adds another dimension which brings in intelligent viewers and keeps them watching.

    His story is so funny! Goes into such huge detail! It's so funny. By focusing on the random details, like the joke and virgin screwdriver. Charlie is SOLID and together. Those jokes are cool, too. Gotta learn some of those jokes. Very solid, alan is like windy and scattered or something. It's hysterical how amused jake gets with his own bodily functions.

    The old guy is so nice.

    Fought at the alamo. Funny. It was handled very cordially actually. Charlie has SOLID values. He loves women, but he never gets angry at people because he's always playing perfect defense. Do tell. That's a good phrase. He's got a VERY comfortable life, but not constipated and stuffy, it's just quality.

    Evelyn is SO coy. That 5th husband line was great. Jake always eats so much food. Hysterical.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Continuity Goof - At one point, Charlie goes to confront the husband of the girl he's been sleeping with when he finds out the husband is in the kitchen. Charlie takes a baseball bat with him. When he realizes the husband is an elderly gentleman, he leans the baseball bat against the wall. For the next few scenes, the baseball bat continually disappears and reappears on its own.

    • Jake says the title "Does this Smell Funny to You?"

    • Throughout his story, Jake keeps searching for his missing Nintendo Game Boy. However, at the end when he shows his class that he found it, he is clearly holding a Nintendo DS. While the DS is capable of playing Game Boy games, its owners do not refer to it as a Game Boy.

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    • Orson Bean also worked with Charlie Sheen in the 1999 movie, Being John Malkovich.

    • Orson Bean also worked with Holland Taylor in the season six episode "Town Father" of Murder, She Wrote.

    • The German episode title is "Mein schönstes Wochenenderlebnis", meaning "My Most Beautiful Weekend Experience". The French episode title is "La fiancée de grand-père", meaning "Grandfather's Fiancée". The Italian title is "Vuole dei dolcetti?", meaning "He Wants some Sweets?" The Spanish title is "¿Te Huele Raro Eso?", an exact translation.

    • Melanie Lynskey (Rose) didn't appear in the original airing of this episode.