Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 3

Dum Diddy Dum Diddy Doo

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on CBS



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    • Linda: Please, tell me you did not get yourself arrested just so you can see me?
      Charlie: Ummm! You got me.
      Linda: Charlie, what am I going to do with you?
      Charlie: Have dinner with me? Otherwise, we're looking at a crime spree here.
      Linda: Alright, one dinner. Now, step back.
      Charlie: (whispering) Yes, ma'am.
      Linda: How do you plead?
      Charlie: Guilty, your Honor.
      Linda: Is this your first offense?
      Charlie: Yes, your Honor.
      Linda: Alright, $500.
      Charlie: $500? Last time....
      Linda: "Last time?"
      Charlie: Thank you, your Honor.

    • Berta: What's this broad got that's so special?
      Charlie: A brain.
      Berta: What are you going to do with a brain?
      Charlie: It doesn't matter, she'll never call me.
      Berta: Awww! Don't talk like that. Just because she's smart and successful doesn't mean she's not damaged enough to go out with you.

    • (leaving Linda a voicemail)
      Charlie: Yeah, hi, Linda, it's Charlie again. I just want you to know this will be my last message. I figured three's a charm, four is a restraining order. (Laughs) Look who I'm telling.

    • Linda: Old friend?
      Charlie: Oh, yeah! You know, church choir, bake sale. You may not want to drink the ice tea.

    • (at the restaurant)
      Alan: Oh, there they are.
      Charlie: Hang on, hang on, which one's mine?
      Alan: The one on the right.
      Charlie: Wow! She's forty? She has the ears of a twenty-year-old.

    • Alan: (to Charlie) It's possible you might enjoy your dates more if you went out with women who were capable of using their head for something other than a place to rest their ankles.

    • Alan: I can't believe it, you're nervous about a date?
      Charlie: Of course I'm nervous. What am I going to talk to her about? I haven't gone out with a 40-year-old woman since I was in high school!

    • Alan: She's a fascinating woman: she's a municipal court judge, she teaches law at UCLA.....
      Charlie: Oh, man, you didn't tell me that!
      Alan: Does that make a difference?
      Charlie: Of course, it makes a big difference. The smarter the girl, the harder it is to blow smoke up her ass.
      Alan: You know, I'm already regretting this.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Flibber-Flabber-Schlabber", also just a nonsense phrase. The French title is "Les femmes de mon âge", meaning "Women of My Own Age". The Italian title is "Un bel paio di orecchie", meaning "A Nice Pair of Ears". The Spanish title is "Dum Diddy Dum Diddy Doo".

    • International Airdates: Slovakia: January 19, 2010 on Markiza

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