Two and a Half Men

Season 10 Episode 6

Ferrets, Attack!

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • Rose does not belong anymore

    Look, I liked her going after Charlie. I mean it seemed throughout the series that they would end up together in the end by the series finale. But her now going after Walden? COME ON! She's now acting as if Charlie never even existed. She said that Charlie was the love of her life but now she's stalking Walden?!

    Alan constantly warned him not to get involved with Walden and Walden realizes that he should've listened to Alan.

    You know who I think should end up with Rose? Herb. Those 2 have the habit of stalking other people. Herb is always stalking Lyndsey, but not in the same way Rose stalked Charlie. Herb's marriage to Judith doesn't seem to be going anywhere and Judith did leave him.
  • RIP TaaHM

    RIP Two and a Half Men 2003-2011
  • Oh my...

    My wife started late and only started watching in iTunes 3 months ago.

    She found the first 8 seasons entertaining.

    Not laughing out loud fun, like Seinfeld or Friends or King of Queens.

    But good enough.

    She stopped now, after 5 episodes in season 9.

    I wish I had done the same.

    But I'm a collector. I can't stop in the middle of a season. Probably not even in the middle of the series.

    So, please, Chuck Lorre, I'm begging you: Make it stop!

    It's so predictable.

    Not that the former seasons had been fountains of originality.

    But now you really see the (very few) gags coming a mile ahead.

    A few episodes ago, some fan wrote "it's like children writing the dialogues". Perfect description! I can see what the author's are trying to establish. I see the gag they had been aiming for. But it simply seems amateurish, as if Chuck Lorre would have outsourced it all to some trainees.

    Like I've written before: I'm not a fan of Ashton Kutcher. But it's mainly not his fault.

    It's annoying and unfunny characters like Zoe.

    It's low-level humor like farting, puking and throwing Spaghettis.

    It's trial and error: Let's get rid of Walden's annoying ex-wife, let's get rid of the equally annoying Zoe, let's bring back Rose, let's send Jake t the military, let's bring in Patton Oswalt and then forget about him, ...

    A pity, what has come of the once most successful sitcom of the last 10 years...
  • What the ....

    While the makers are taking giant leaps in their other show, they're going absolutely stale on this one.

    Bringing back Rose was probably the dumbest possible equation they could've done. Although I love Rose as a character but now the character is highly predictable and we have seen the craziness over the years with Charlie and I really don't want to see that all over again with Walden. I didn't mind her in the last episode because that cut off Zoey from the show, which actually made me happy. She, according to me is the most irritating character on the show. If there is someone keeping the spirit of the show alive, it is Alan with his traits of being miserly on steroids and his amazing punches.

    Overall this season is seeming quite dull. Honestly!

    I hope they pick up real soon because this kind of laziness in comedy is making me not want to watch it. Honestly speaking I don't know how did they get away with Bridget (Judy Greer) being Walden's ex wife and Judy Greer being Herb's (Ryan Stiles) sister in one of the previous seasons with whom Charlie had a fling.

    Leave me bonkers...