Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 17

Fish in a Drawer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • The plot bored me to death, and it wasn't funny at all

    The plot bored me to death, and it wasn't funny at all.

    Before watching this I was quite happy to know about an investigation where someone great would actually be killed to add to the lack of humor. But really, I was disappointed and bored. I'm not trying to rant here but all throughout this season and maybe parts of the previous, the comedy lacked and it somehow felt as though the episodes were rushed to production, so therefore there was no real time into giving detail. So far, Season 5 is my least favorite because it's "Boring" and just not funny in the slightest.

    This episode didn't feel rushed, but just a simple reasoning that the writers were still on strike. I thought the idea could have been extended to something that shall receive positive feedback. So, this episode (once again) was nothing special, or a particular standout. No character was really thought through carefully on the writers part. So, CSI visiting, a pointless one to be honest.
  • CSI in Two and a Half Men!

    CSI is a great show, as so Two and a half Men, and in this episode a crossover of the two is just amazing!

    After Evelyn's and Teddy's wedding, Charlie's malibú beach house becomes a crime scene after Charlie fins Teddy's dead body. CSI comes to investigate.

    This episode was rlly great, pretty cool and great plot, and off course funny.. It was totally cool to see the CSI team in the episode. It was so funny. The episode turned out to b awesome. This season wasnt that good, most in the post strike eps (this strike ruinned everything!), but this ep brought this show up.
  • A CSI parody!!

    I tell you, I was in stiches when I watched this episode. It was funny and well-written. It reminds me of dark comedies such as "The Cable Guy" and "The War of the Rose." One worry I do have is if this episode was too good. To me, this should've been a season finale. But oh well, let me state my points. I loved the whole story being a CSI spoof. Also, the cameo with George Eads was great. Other reviewers mentioned that it would've been great that Grissom and the "real" Catherine Willows were in the episode, but that didn't hurt the story at all. They actually had a "Katherine" look-a-like with revealing cleavage and a muscle-bound criminologist. The scene with Charlie being investigated as a suspect was hilarious. I like the line that he asked "Katherine" about her blouse being standard uniform. I also like the scene when Berta was being interogated as well. And finally, the scene with Teddy dead on the bed with his pants down and lipstick in that "uncompromising area" was funny as well. The ending was also a great twist. Who would've thought that Teddy and his Courtney were actually scam artists after Evelyn's money? The only thing I didn't like was the showing of Jake's internal anatomy. But other than that, it was a great episode.
  • Death at Charlie's house!

    Wow! Part of the writer crossover between CSI and Two and a Half Men. The writers of the CSI have certainly done a very good job to this episode. This episode is special, interesting, and more importantly, FUNNY! I never expected this episode is so good, because the writer of CSI will write this episode. Apparently I am wrong. This is one very good episode.

    Charlie and his family are all taken by the CSIs to the police department to get their statement. Many things are revealed, and they are all shocking....Nice. This episode is good. I can't wait to see the episode "Two and a Half Deaths" written by the writer of Two and a Half Men.
  • .

    This episode was really cool.I love detective and cop stuff with murders that need to be figured out.If someone wants to know the truth Teddy's name isn't Teddy and Courtney's isn't Courtney they find rich people and with a marriage steal their money.And at the Night of the wedding they were kissing in Charlie's bed when Teddy had a heart attack he died.The lipstick on his uncomftorable area :D was Courtney's lipstick and the hit on his head was when Charlie was stalking her they were in the appartment that is supposed to be hers and are well you know :D .And also the trip to Vegas the Private plane was all just from stolen Credit Cards and other stuff.Great episode :)
  • Shocking events lead to a hilarious crossover. Teddy is no more but who did it?.....Time to call in the CSI-ish's

    A very enjoyable episode from the world of CSI - except of course it wasnt'.!!

    All the typical CSI-ish moments - flashbacks, interrogations, alternate theories, special effects - they were all there as well as the lookie-likie CSI staff (pity the only true cameo was George Eads ('Nick Stokes') although the Catherine Willows-esque detective was a hoot.(Marg Helenberger would have been perfect if she had been the real deal)

    I thought they could have been more inventive with the special effects, not just on Jake & Food, but they didn't particularly spoil matters, and the flashbacks were just great!

    The shocking reality of "Courtney" and "Teddy" was a wonderful twist and I cant wait to see what happens next.

    Overall a well composed episode combining the clever, if not exactly subtle comedy with the uniquely different aspect of the tv-CSI's. More like this and the show will do more than hold its ground.
  • CSI like characters investigate a murder at their home with a CSI episode like twist!

    Considering the crew of CSI doesn't do humor much, this episode does not lose any of it's humor compared to the original writers. It was also extremely fun to watch how they slightly spoofed CSI itself in the process such as the internal body views or the re-created opening with the CSI theme song. Very entertaining to watch, very hilarious, one of the coolest twist of any series. Any fans of this show will crack up, and any fans of CSI will get a kick out of this one. Not only was it CSI like though, but it was also vital to the shows story and was not just a "filler" episode. It was cleverly plotted and very well written. To be honest, I was completely surprised this worked out!
  • The CSI/Two and a Half Men "crossover."

    This episode was well-written, though I wouldn't doubt it if some of the writers of "Two and a Half Men" had a small hand in the comedy parts of dialogue. The fact that such a dark occurrence was featured on a comedy was groundbreaking.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of the "CSI"-type flashbacks (events leading up to the incident, etc.), as well as the interrogations of the Harper family (plus Berta). There were times during the episode where I felt I was actually watching "CSI." The comedy bits brought me back into reality. I could have done without the internal cameras of Jake, however.

    I loved the cameo by George Eads (Nick Stokes on "CSI"), but would have liked the episode even more if Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) and Gil Grissom (William Peterson) were on the case. A Catherine look-alike just didn't cut it, but we don't always get what we want.

    I also liked the plot developments surrounding "Courtney" and "Teddy." The fact that they weren't who they said they were was certainly a "CSI"-type twist (didn't we see something like that on the most recent episode of "CSI: NY"?).

    Overall, the episode was well-written, clever combination of comedy and mystery. It loses points for the lack of "CSI" guest stars outside of George Eads.
  • The Grifters meet CSI.

    This was a very funny episode. Cleverly plotted with a crossover to CSI. George Eads had a very brief cameo.

    Well, Charlie and Company see Mom getting married to a new man, was it number 6? Played by Robert Wagner he buys the farm and the investigation ensues. All are investigated including Jake and each is a small scene to show off their comic timing. We figured out in the last episode that Wagner and his daughter played by Jenny McCarthy were grifting them and this comes to light here. They're all proven to be rubes.

    Laughter from start to finish, this is what I come to expect from Two and a Half Men and I got a good dose here.