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alan fails again:

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    alan's ponzi scheme almost worked...maybe it did, if the

    show didnt hit the real life charlie sheen meltdown - but with

    Sheen's off camera antics, they kinda "just did away w/ the story"...

    -( i believe) or iF they DID go back to it, reeeely never developed it -


    So, his heart attack scam was working again -

    until Zoey finds him out w/ the Private eye...

    Perhaps, they could have let this one go - as it was gaining ground,

    and it could have created some (on screen) tension, and who knows maybe real life tension, (LOL)

    for alan and zoey...


    If it did last - maybe make walden "pick" between her,and her kid and alan - thru the natural course

    of a 10th season to slowly fade out zoey.. to get to the show's premise: alan, (Homeowner,lol) and his kid..

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