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another CHARLIE SHEEN reference???

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    [1]Mar 15, 2013
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    episode "Big Episode..someone stole the spoon"

    -At the :22 minute mark, yet another charlie sheen reference..


    on one side, it looks like cheap shots..that aren't funny..

    and aren't even that 'cheap' lol

    OR is it an effort to say.... what was the past

    is somewhat laughable now and it appears to

    be not such a big deal...

    -the way someone apologies without saying "sorry"

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    [2]Apr 11, 2014
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    The latest episode with Mila was a landslide of cheap shots at Sheen. starting with predictably dumping his ashes yet again... (Seriously, the writers are better than this. if the urn is seen, much less picked up, the ashes will be tossed...Walden even makes a comment that his ashes have been thrown around so much it's pretty much half lint by now)

    then cracks like "Hi Charlie, I'm the guy who replaced you..." or "Thanks for giving up your house, although you'd have to be on crack to give all this up"

    Lorre and the writers are seriously starting to come off like angry children with their inability to move on and stop taking cheap shots. not to mention all they do is remind us of a time when the show was better. seriously, that 50's father knows best b/w flashback was totally cringeworthy not to mention a waste of Berta.

    and guys getting kicked in the nuts got old the first time it happened but then they follow it up with two more?


    It's like they're going out of their way not to be funny.

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