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Charlie References :

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    May need Bundy75 on this one,

    *NOT LOOKING FOR on-screen continunity(?sp)/ or 2.5 men "universe" answers, but a real take on this:

    Okay - I am fully aware of the sheen meltdown..and the rift between

    boss/employee and there is NOT A CHANCE of a SHEEN return...

    *even being in house, maybe on the last few episodes is OUT of the question..

    (charile "doesn't care" but he does) and his all-be it, funny, but cheap shots, during

    his intro of anger mgmnt. . didn't help matters....why does the show still reference Charlie ?

    >and do so, by name...? / not the first few "curious" episodes but later in the Kutcher-years...

    ie: when (famous actress_name ?? ) potrayed Charlie in Alan's dream, and when Rose

    returned said "Charlie" (not something as simple as ..ewww that house and the history)...

    REAL Answers will be apperciated.

    I know the AUDIENCE knows Charlie sheen was on this show...but GENERALLY when an

    establishment isolates an item/person etc - there is NO further on screen references....

    [feel free to use google for any of these examples] ( wwe/chris benoit) / new Yankees stadium/Joe torre(?)I beleive

    it was him... or when a talent leaves a radio/tv station - NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

    OKAY so anyways, why do they sprinkLe in the Charlie references, when they could

    1. NOT bring it up / or 2. in dialogue :: simply say, "he" "my brother" / "my first born"

    as it seems Chuck Lorre has snubbed him with out denying it...why tease the issue?



    scrolling up, IS there a chance SHEEN pops in (off camera) and maybe even unknown to

    the tv/audience unlimited guests for a few episodes ?? or is that friendship-and business

    relationship officially over ?? as in NO CHANCE - like axL and slash..

    (w/ axL and slash) people always "hint" at it - and slash said, never say never, as

    the right answer on bigger talk shows (ie: letterman) but on smaller radio programs

    has come out and said "never again" // axL ...has made it clear, never again.

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