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END game / BEST closure ever......

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    OK, this is a stretch but follow me

    ...Off-Screen The Real Charlie and Chuck Lorre make "peace"

    They don't need to be BFF' s but at least "be decent"


    Have EACH cast member sigh a Quiet NO disclosure statement

    NO audience ( to avoid the leaks) and dub in the audience woo-hoo's and cheers



    In a creative way, Charlie comes back ON screen and .......

    Has a GRAND finale of a scene.... and close out the Rose storyline,

    a last laugh on the MOM and a TWIST with Alan ...

    perhaps, have Alan and Charlie sneak off and live off

    Charlie's benefits (inheritance) . . . ...As Walden has NOT

    sold the house ....


    OR a variation having Charlie return and have END game and closure...

    the way the show was originally intended to end ... ( and perhaps

    Charlie RIP Walden and put him in place) ....



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