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How I think the show should end now

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    I think how the show should end now would be if Walden plans to get Alan out of his house, he's going to have to provide money for him to boost his chiropractic business so Alan can get more patients, thus more money and be able to move out,...whether Alan wants to or not. Alan would finally be back on his feet. Walden would finally end up with the right woman, I'm hoping for Kate.

    Meanwhile, Billy and Lyndsey would bump into each other at a restaurant. Billy would be sitting alone as usual and Lyndsey would be alone because Alan cancelled. They'd end up having dinner together and when the check comes, Lyndsey is preparing to pay for it but Billy says that he'll take care of it. Lydnsey would ask,"You'll take care of it? As in all of it?" Billy would tell her of course, he can easily afford it and would ask why she would be so surprised. Lyndsey would say that it's just been so long since a guy paid for dinner for her or even his own half of dinner. Billy would ask, "Hasn't Alan ever bought you dinner?" She answer,"No. In fact, he's never even bought himself dinner. When we go out, I'm the one who does all the paying." Billy would ask why does that happen and she'd answer that Alan has developed the very unusual habit of always forgetting his wallet. They end up talking and one thing would lead to another. When Alan shows up at Lyndsey's house, he'd see her and Billy at the door and she'd tell him that it's over. She's met a man who is a good provider and definitely not a moocher. He'd ask her what does Billy have that he doesn't? She'd tell him, money, a good heart and apparently a bigger you know whatthan Alan does. Alan would go back to Walden and say,"Lyndsey dumped me for Billy! All for the stupid reason that he bought her dinner!" Walden would say,"Well, considering your history with money, Alan that's not really a stupid reason."

    It would eventually be discovered that Alan is Millie's father and not Herb, but Herb would actually be thrilled because he hasn't enjoyed being married to Judith, lately and now he has nothing that ties her to him. Herb would run into Rose and they both seem somewhat sad that the person they've been stalking is now taken. Rose can't be with Walden and Herb can't be with Lyndsey. Rose would mention how you always have to climb 2 floors just to see what the man you love is up to. Herb would say that it's harder to time your power walk exercise each morning just to see the woman that you love pick up the newspaper in her bathrobe. They'd realize that they have a lot in common and end up together.

    Alan at last has a steady income thanks to Walden loaning him money to improve his chiropractor business and Alanfinally moves out remembering the great times he had at the beach house, if you could call them fun. He'd thank Walden for letting him stay and Walden would tell Alan that he's welcome to come visit anytime and then Berta would butt in and say,"Just as long as it's not an overnight visit." They'd look at her and she'd say,"Well why take the chance of getting stuck with him, again?" Walden and Kate wave goodbye to Alan. As Alan leaves, we see Charlie's ghost. Charlie would say,"He's finally gone."

    He would stop by Judith's to say that he's getting his own place and that when Jake visits again, she won't find him at the beach house but Judith would just embrace Alan much to Alan's surprise. Judith and Alan are back together as if the divorce never happened. Then later on, you'd see Alan wearing a woman's sunhat and earrings, talking like a woman and having a tea party with his daughter, Millie and enjoying it. Jake and Judith would be standing at the door and Jake would ask, "Mom, doesn't that disturb you?" Judith would say, "It's a lot more natural than a train conductor," and Jake would say,"When you say natural, you're referring to Millie, right?" Judith would say,"Uh..right."

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