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How I USED to think the show would end

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    This is how I used to think the show would end.

    Charlie and Chelsea would eventually get married. After Charlie and Chelsea were pronounced husband and wife, Charlie can't believe it, he actually got married! Charlie and Chelsea would even have a baby on the way.

    It would be discovered that Alan is really Millie's father! Herb however would actually be willing to give Millie to Alan. Alan would say,"Well, Herb I'm glad that you understand that it's important for a child to be with her natural father," Herb would say, "Oh, no, it's not that. I'm just relieved that from now on people won't go around saying to me,'Oh boy, you've got the homeliest looking daughter in the world." Alan would then look very miserable about that. Charlie would smile, pat Alan on the shoulder and say,"Well, just further proof that she's yours, Alan." Alan would give Charlie a sour look. Herb would tell Judith he wants a divorce and it seems he's been wanting to divorce Judith for a long time, but stayed with her for Millie's sake.

    It would also be discovered by the doctors that Alan is not Jake's father! Alan would be shocked out of his mind. It wouldn't surprise Charlie. Alan would say,"You honestly didn't think Jake was mine, Charlie?" Charlie would say, "Well, it would certainly explain a few things," Alan would ask,"Like what?" and Charlie would say,"Oh,...EVERYTHING!" Judith is in real hot water now. Jake asks Judith,"If this loser isn't my father, than who is?" and Judith would say,"Well, ...I do have it narrowed down." Then the exterminator, delivery man and mailman from the episode,"Taterhead is our love child" would show up at the door and say,"Hey Judith!" Remember they all look like Jake.

    A few months later, Alan is now living the easy life, he's won full custody of Millie and is taking care of her at his new place, getting checks in the mail from Judith each month. Judith is now working hard paying back all the money Alan had to spend on Jake, all because she scammed him into believing that he was Jake's father for so many years. Judith is now living the life Alan lived when he had to pay alimony to her. Jake is now spending time with his real dad and says he enjoys him better than Alan. They're both eating food and being kind of messy.Chelsea and Charlie have a child together, a son. Women are still calling Charlie and Charlie tells them he can't see them anymore, he's married now. Chelsea would ask how many more women does he have left to tell? Charlie doesn't know, he was with a lot of women before he met her.

    Rose would come to the door and tell Charlie that she's leaving because she's found someone new. Charlie would at first be a little sad but would take it like a man and wish her good luck and would hug her. Charlie would admit that he is going to miss seeing her sneak up on to his deck and she admits she'll miss climbing up to it, it was her best exercise. She leaves. Chelsea asks Charlie if he's really going to miss her that much. Charlie admits yes, but he's happy with her and hopes that the new man will be happy with Rose. Rose gets in the car with her new man...HERB.

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    How it should have ended:

    Charlie takes Rose to a trip to Paris not knowing that she is not married, Manny Quinn being a mannequin. Alan, on his side, paid back the people he scammed, using the money Rose gave him.
    It should have been the end of the show.
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