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Network standards

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    [1]Jan 13, 2014
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    just as American standards have dropped in various forms,

    the past few decades ... so it seems the same is valid for television.

    While I am not offended, ( with the show that

    started it all, "Married with children") nor offended

    with the series 2.5 men ( as a whole) does

    any one, in general speaking terms, think moments:

    WOW this show is "too much" for network television

    and would be better suited for US Cable stations.

    *Especially since the re runs ( which may be on

    US cable channels) or the local Fox affiliate will air

    during the day on the weekends, or early evenings during the week...


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    [2]Feb 12, 2014
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    Maybe. I've only started watching two and a half men since this season but there are episodes where I wonder about that. Then again, if this show and it's vulgar humor were to move, the network will just make another one.
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