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The show would be better with Herb and Alan together

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    My brother told me that the show would be better if Herb came to live with Alan after Charlie died instead of having that total stranger, Walden move in. After watching the last 2 episodes, I think my brother was right. I mean Herb and Alan seem to get along just great together. Herb doesn't get tired of having Alan around and didn't want Alan to leave. That works out good for Alan because so far everyone else he's lived with can't stand to have him around, Charlie, Evelyn, Judith, Kandi, Melissa and sometimes Lyndsey.

    What could happen is Walden has decided that he's going to marry Kate and he does and Alan guesses that he has to move out now. But Walden says that Alan isn't moving out and that temporarily relieves Alan until Walden says that he's moving out! He's moving to NYC with Kate so they can have their life together and he's selling the beach house. Alan knows that he won't be able to stay at the beach house if Walden leaves because he can't afford it and is pretty sure the next tenant won't want to let him live with them. Alan would do everything he can to get Walden to change his mind but Walden says that his mind is made up and he has to follow his heart.

    Then Herb would show up and tell them that Judith kicked him out. They just couldn't work things out and she wants a divorce. So Herb asks if he could stay with them for a little while until he finds a place of his own. Walden would then tell Herb that he could sell him the beach house and Herb would accept the offer. But Walden would warn Herb that Alan comes with the beach house but Herb doesn't mind because he and Alan are friends. So Alan is once again saved from being homeless. Herb can afford the beach house since he makes a lot more than Alan does (assuming Alan still has a job as a chiropractor).

    Herb and Judith would then get joint custody of Millie. Herb and Alan would have adventures together taking care of Millie, the girl that either one of them may have fathered. It is still unknown if Millie's father is Alan or Herb. Berta would still be the housekeeper but would not be happy about the idea of having another kid in the house after they finally got rid of Jake. It'd be just like when Charlie and Alan were taking care of Jake together.

    Seriously, we need more Herb and less Walden.

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