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What Could save this Show !!!!

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    [1]Mar 30, 2012
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    Episode: "Palmdale, Ech"

    End Sequence, in the resturant between

    "Walden" "Jake" "Eldrige" and the 2 guest stars,

    (from jake/eldridge's school)...or where ever:

    Did any one see this scene?

    NO Blue/toilet(throwup)humor.

    NO (excessive)obnoxious stoner humor.

    Ashton doing what he does BEST ::: playing the

    role to set up the laughs, and Angus (and eldridge) going along

    with the bit to make it work...

    Not been a lot of "moments" like this, and here I laughed the most at this scene!!


    post-Charlie, has been a joke (and NOT the kind you laugh at) but moments and scenes

    like this one bring it back to when the show was in its and Charlie, would deliver

    a classic line or facial expression that ashton captured - and the two boys ( which you

    could interchange w/ allan) still screwed it up >> Charle/Walden: hand them a

    GOLDEN opportunity and mild comical mischief ensues.. that was the winning formula,

    it *just happen* to be w/ Charlie Sheen.

    This post-charlie era, has seen its "moments" (above scene described) and its low

    points ( the monkey-ape/and walden's mom); the excessive throwing up ep,

    the drug references, 5th grade sexual puns that get - but if they have

    more scenes that focus on what these people do (in everyday life) instead of

    making all the characters like beavis and butt.head (which i am a fan of) but the

    point (hehe i said butt) - lol - make them live their lives w/ a story at allens work;

    phase out the ex(maybe), no need for MORE Characters, and CONCENTRATE on building

    chemistry between sets of characters (ie: walden, the 2 kids); allan, lindsey and their moms,

    ...could work

    PS: that resturant scene was Classic!!!

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    To say "Stop"
    That show was so great for 8 seasons, they should stop it right now and keep a good legacy
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    It's done and her name is Amber Tamblyn.

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